You will NOT believe this.... and it is REAL....

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    Feral dogs and coydogs are dangerous but I'm not scared of some cowardly ass coyotes.

    Feral hogs are a lot more dangerous. I've killed a few dozen and only charged by one once. His blood was up trying to get to my durrock sows. He ran at me on sight like a 350# meth filled Doberman.

    A 500 grain soft lead bullet to the breastplate loosened him up like a onion sack full of lard and disconnected tinkertoys. He walked in the tall grass like a drunk baby giraffe.

    In the morning it was all bones. The circle of life turns fast here.
  2. arleigh

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    I bet that if you could collect the bones you could sell them for Halloween .there is a big deal here on skeletons of eve during Halloween every thing you can think of even dogs and horses, T rex ,and dragons .of course these are plastic but you've got the real thing. Just a thought .
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