You won a lottery how would you spend it?

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    65 million won..... I would prob get 40% of that after taxes so 26 million in cold cash. 10 million of that I would put away in some nice stable investment somewhere for long term gains. 8 million I would start a nonprofit and use the 8 as an endowment to perpetualy fund the non-profit. The non profit would help a small town in a depresed area to get an education for young people or if older help retrain to a new career. The other 8 million I would brainstorm and use to start a manufacturing operation or some business that would bring money in from outside the community and pump money into the community.

    So from a 65 million win and 26 million cash. 10 mil would be put away to ensure my future and my family. Out of the remaining 16 8 would be used as a perpetual endowment to help with education. The other 8 would be used to bring jobs into a community.

    The 16 mil would be treated as a sacred cow. The organization would be run through volunteerism and donations to protect the 16mil so operational costs will not dig into the nestegg. The nestegg will be used as a reason, an opportunity for others willing and able to help their own community to band together and help each other. If the business is succesful and able to generate money it will be used to fund helping another community. Once the community is healthy and viable again they will be asked to return the good will by helping through volunteerism money or both another community. Hopefully it can be made into something that gains momentum and gets people to quit complaining and band together to reverse the rust-belt.
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    Well, I sure as hell wouldn't have just gotten home from work.

    I'd give each of the family members a set amount, probably $50,000 with strict orders to never ask for another cent. Then as someone else said, land, lots of land.
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