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    i bought this up on another forum about how long could you and your survive if the dollar hit the floor like it did during the great depression on black friday and i put away enough money to basically live off of the amount of $300.oo dollars a month and a couple of once a year paymens for taxs and other things here and there that going to come up in the year along with beening able to do it for about 7 to 10 years time frame ..

    i have my basic long term supplies for food and other supplies to help with my survival if something does happen like a full scale war or attack on the country ..

    part of my socalled plan for financial survival was going down to about $300.oo dollars a month to live on once i got to the cabin in Az and live a very simple basic lifestyle with me takeing the bike into town and shopping once a week for food and basic items i will need and carrying it back home in a hikeing pack for transport of the supplies as there are need ..

    my basically weekly budget for food and other items is going to be about $35.oo dollars a week plus the extra $15.oo dollars a month used for other items i might need in the place like dish washing soap and bathroom cleaners and toliet paper or papertowels etc ..

    also part of the plan is adding another a $100.oo dollars to the monthly budget for cellphone and somethings i might need to pick up here or there for the cabin or if i need to i will go to the lowest cell phone plan for use as need and the rest of the money is going to be used for other things if need or goes back into the fund for use as need

    also part of the plan is to deal with the tax people and see if i can make a deal with them for the land taxs that i owned and see how much will take to call it even on the taxs that year .

    one of my family uncles once told me that doing the great depression that he made deals with the county over the taxs over the land and he was did this type of dealing with them intill the summer of 1940 right before the war broke out and he did this starting in 1930 time frame through the 1940 time frame and he said they will deal with no money comeing into the county coffers to pay bills .. ..
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    i do have my long term survival supplies for survival along with the socalled PM i have from the years of saveing them .. but my main thinking now is on the how far the dollar can go and how bad can it get ..
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    Well, a basic preparedness idea is always a good thing, first and foremost. Regardless of any situation of economy, being prepared and self reliant for a reasonable period is just common sense, even if it has become nearly a lost habit.

    If the economy collapses, and all indicators point in that direction, then the very best that any of us can do is to build strong ties within the communities we live. This goes on top of the general preparedness, naturally. In hard times, we will need to rely on others more than ever before, especially for security. If your plan is to bug-out, or if you live in a remote area, you will have to build up your sustainable resources (equipment, etc.) and your consumable resources as well as prepare for your own security for a bug-in, and be willing to adapt to almost anything in a bug-out. If your plan is strictly a bug-out, then you should already have topographic maps, the knowledge to navigate, health, and locations of cache sites ready and destination points as well as routes and alternate routes...and a clear plan and contingency plan of operation.

    As far as finances are concerned, there are only two viable means to establish or maintain "wealth" in an economic collapse. The first is to invest in precious metals. This is not entirely safe due to a possible gold confiscation, but the risks associated are for each person to assess for themselves. You must also be prepared to protect this wealth. The second, and perhaps easiest for a bug-in, is to invest in various goods which can be bartered or resold later. These items can be almost anything ranging from soap, to long term foods, to generators, or even cigarettes and ammunition. Again, these items will have to be secured and protected as well.

    Finally, there is no guarantee that the economy will collapse before some other unforeseen catastrophe or occurrence takes place. It may be a slow and gradual decline into poverty and despotism. Many people may find themselves selling off their guns and other goods and items to simply stay afloat and survive. If this happens, the situation will only become much worse because it will leave a great many people unprepared. This is why it is important to start living as simply as possible, as soon as possible.
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    One gent that went through the depression told me "Things were tough until I learned to scratch around in God's good earth and make food grow".
    Even folks living in the cities on small lots or folks living in apartments can find a way to grow some food, if they use a little initiative and ingenuity.
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    A good gardening method that requires little by way of tools and space for those with limited experience is Square Foot Gardening. I am in no way affiliated with Mr. Bartholemew, SFG, or any business that has any ties with his. I just happen to know this works. Once you have built the above ground boxes and mixed the soil mix - Your tools for the new SFG are a $1.00 trowel, $1.00 pair of kiddie scissors, and a pencil. This is SUPER easy. My family built a SFG for my grandmother on legs so she did not have to bend down to garden. This new SFG method is so easy and simple. I am going to help a friend of the family put his in this year. He bought three pre-made SFG boxes (called Raised Bed Garden Boxes - no tools required - they snap together and are made out of a composite material - so will last for a good while) from Sams Club for about 34.00 each. That and a roll of landscaping cloth (about 18 bucks), his total out of pocket was less than $200.00 in fiat currency. Combined with seeds, soil etc, his total cost is less than the cost of a well made roto-tiller. We did some estimating and we think they will cut their annual grocery bill by nearly $2000.00 - (family of 5 - year round growing and canning/preserving)
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    i been looking at something like that for higher up from the ground to give me a clear view of what under them at the time ..

    i was looking at wooden boxs about 4.ft off the ground so it would be at wasit level with simple drain hole at the end to let the water go out though a tube into the another area for watering as need ..

    the box would be 10.ft long -x-4.ft wide-x-top lip at the 4.ft mark and the bottom beening at the 20.inch mark from the ground on four to eight wood post legs ..
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    Would that be anything like the gradual decline into poverty and despotism that we're in right now?

    Quote of the month, right there.
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    You're REALLY going to have to like rice and beans trying to live off 35 bucks/wk in food.

    I'd love to see your menus.
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    i do alot of shopping at a 99.cents store for most of the items i need for the side dish and there is a place that sales meat package for week at a smaller local meat store that has chicken and beef and pork all togerther for a week meal package and a few dollars extra they will cut it to your specs for two dollars that they charge for the package ..

    the basic meat package is the cut that they do for me on a weekly basis

    -x-4-boneless chicken breast

    -x-2-beef steaks

    -x-2-boneless pork chops

    -x-1/2.pd of bolgana

    -x-package of beef hot dogs

    this package cost me out the door at the place i go $14.00 dollar a week

    most of my side dish are mac and chesse and potatoes and apple sauce and beans and rice

    so my shopping list for the 99.cent store

    -x-2-boxs of mash potatoes mix

    -x-2-boxs of rice

    -x-2-boxs of mac and chesse

    -x-2-cans of red beans

    -x-2-cans of corn

    -x-3-cans of pork and beans

    -x-3-cans of apple sauce

    -x-2-loafs of wheat bread

    -x-1-box of oat meal

    -x-1-box of cereal

    -x-1-package of chesse slices
    the total cost for this week food menu $23.oo dollars out the door .

    plus some of the side items like these items are bought in a largest botttle i can get for a couple of month worth of servering out of them ..





    -x-powder milk mix

    the milk is powder and it made up as need and kept in the fridge for use in cooking ..

    then add this items as need in the month time frame that these items will run out over the month.

    -x-bottle of dish washing liguid

    -x-diff type of house hold items for the bathroom and kitchen area

    -x-package of toliet paper -x-4-roll pac

    -x-package of paper towel -x-1-

    the reason why i budgeted the amount of $15.oo dollars for the week for these items because of having some things are back up to the weekly fund as it need ..
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    I have plenty of BBQ sauce and have 4 dogs now...
    I'm NOT saying I'd eat them, but then again........
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