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    Here is my basic daily schedule now that i'm working night shift for a local company .
    get up

    7. pm to
    Eat breakfast
    take my daily meds
    make my daily protien smoothie shake
    get dressed for the trip to the gym
    pack the car for the trip into town

    7.30 to
    drive into town to the gym to
    daily work out at the gym

    8.45 pm to 9.15 .pm
    shower & shave and get dressed for work to
    drive to work to
    work to 8,30 am
    eat breakfast at burger king or go some place that has free wifi to get caught up on the diff forums that i'm on

    8.30 am to
    drive home to
    take a quick shower to get the work grime off me
    get ready for next day work .by packing the gym bag with fresh clothing for work .
    make the last protein smoothie drink for the day
    read a few chapter's of the book that i'm on right now

    10 to

    on my night's off of i'm watching a couple of movie's or reading a few book's on diff subect's that i'm looking into to learn more about

    on my days off i do get up early and go to the bookstore or movie's or do some shopping at the local store's
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    Oh I am NOT even gonna go there....
    I used to be a workaholic....cost me more than 1 wife too!
    But now, I stay up to 3am-6am or so, then go to bed ( after removing the cats!) Bedwarmers!
    Get up sometimes around 10 AM to 2 PM....shower, feed the critters and then start working on whatever strikes my fancy.....
    It's been awhile since that has happened....
    ( ok, so I'm getting ( past tense?) lazy?)
    I wish I was working again.....I like to spend large sums of money!
    Can't do that on SSI!
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    I went to work a large box store company and i work 24 hour's a week and i like the fact that i can transfer up north to ShowLow area and work there doing the same thing for the company .

    So i'm in a good place right now both mentaly and heath wise because of getting rid of the problem's that the one person in Hawaii was causing me who went as far as filing a report with the LAPD & HPD there in Hawaii who did a complete investigation on me that i had been stealing from him and when i had to go back to La & Honolulu for few day's to speak to the lead detective's in the case at each place .I had bought both of them all my report's and other paperwprk i had and they both cleared me in about a week time frame and they both got a taste of the gentlemen going off on them.

    I told the people of the group in a face to face meeting there in Honolulu that i really would like to work for them but because of the investigation and feeling that no matter what i did for them i would have that over my head with some member's of the group if something did come up missing .

    So i set them up with another person i knew who did what i had been doing and they are going through him to buy all there supplie's that they need now

    So now i work at a local box store and could not be happyer because of not having to deal with that person BS about how i stole money from him
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    Shhhh, OpSec.

    Well, I now know when you aren't going to be home.

    Got anything of value back at the base?

    If someone were to research your posts
    you have at least
    x pistols
    x rifles

    drive a really small car manufactured by a division of Daimler AG

    live in AZ

    take a shot of whiskey before bed there for likely to be a sound sleeper.

    so, ssshhhhhhhhh. OpSec

    letting 'them' know your itinerary is bad juju for you you.
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