your main go to side dish for all around meals

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    Ok what are you main side dish for you main go to meal useing the food stowage program that you have ..

    Here is my main go to side for the meals

    Mac and Chesse

    White Rice

    Potatoes like mash and hash brown and sliced and diced

    Red beans

    Black beans

    Apple sauce

    corn yellow

    with those above dish i can mix and match my meal that i can make out of the stored long term food products..

    like mash potatoes and corn


    mac and chesse and apple sauce


    rice and red beans


    red beans with yellow corn and tomato powder and brown sugar and honey to make up a fake bbq bean side dish like bush beans


    Black and red beans with yellow corn and tomato powder and brown sugar to make up a little fake southwest style bean dish

    Most of the socalled main meat dish comes from TVP flavoring and long term meat items that stores well for the long term ..

    Since i'm single so my use of a full sized 28.oz sized can is going to last me about a week in length with two meals a day out of them and mixing them with TVP to stetch the meat ever farther in the long run ..

    Also i had my daughter and a couple of lady friend who cook with long term foods alot make me up a set of 5-x-7.sized meal cards they are protected in sealed plastic and have there own box on the counter to make up meal plan for the week ..

    the idea was to put the meal on the menu board for the week and move those 7 meals plans to the front and then work off from those and some of the meals ideas where to swap breakfast items for supper items here and there to change up the meal

    Plus two diff type of desserts and three loafs of bread for the week to make up sandwichs and other meals out of them ..

    Here is some of the food plan ideas i have useing the my side dish items for makeing up meals as it need for a two week time frame

    starting with monday of the weeks and going for there

    monday is

    meatloaf with mash potatoes and corn


    open faced sloppy joe sandwichs made out of the real meat and a fake sauce made up of a few diff items to make a sauce for the meat with mach and chesse and apple sauce

    tues is

    spaghetti with fake red Tomato sauce and TVP beef meat balls


    meatloaf dish useing pork or ham or chicken TVP meats with mac and chesse

    wed is

    chicken with mac and chesse and apple sauce


    french toast with eggs

    thurs is

    beef with red beans and rice


    pancakes and eggs

    frid is

    pork with sliced potatoes and apple sauce


    beef hambuger patties and apple sauce and mach and chesse

    sat is

    chicken with mac and chesse


    fake mexican tacos with red beans and black beans and corn with a chesse sauce over white rice on a dish

    sun is left overs from the week


    i take the time to fix a really nice meal like some type of full blown meal with all the sides and dessert and drink meal

    with breakfast meal in the following area

    cereal with powder milk and toast

    oatmeal with powder milk and flavors

    powder eggs with bacon or pork tvp mixed into the eggs powders and hashbrowns

    pancakes with powder eggs and home made syrup on them

    toast with jam

    French toast with egs and home made syrup on them

    lunch is a basic sandwich or soup and bread and drink and snack dureing the day

    Also my eating habits change in the winter time and summer time because of the weather when it cold outside i will stop to eat lunch and when it hot outside i tend not to eat alot dureing the hottest part of the day but not to fill up to a point it make me sick dureing the hot weather .
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    Bacon is a side dish right? [drooling]

    meat and potatoes or meat and rice or meat and meat. I'm happy. Yeah i guess i'll eat some green if i have to.[cmfrt]
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    "Beans-n-taters" will get you a long way. Pinto beans is a meat substitute as is Mac n cheese. Rice keeps half the world from starving and is my mainstay along with wheat and corn. MREs-we have several months supply.
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    NOWHITEFLAG Live Free or Die Trying

    Potatoes, Rice, Mashed Turnips,Parsnips, Rutabagas(Mashed/salt-pepper). Just remember to keep a balance of fiber ,carbohydrates and protiens. Don't want to get you digestive tract "Side Line"

    No White Flag Above My Door"
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    whatever dont eat me first :)
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    If it doesn't run faster than me or dodge bullets, or get lucky, it is a food resource. Haven't met a tater yet that could dodge a shovel.
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