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    Do you often feel like something is wrong with society, but you cannot fully place it all in perspective? You would certainly be in the majority if you ever have, simply because it's the very structure of society, its foundation, core and even tertiary components and philosophies which make it the way it is. Everything in life is at its best when balance and harmony can be achieved. This concept is not new. Originating from early Ancient Greek philosophy, where Aristotle (384–322 BCE) taught moderation, urging his students to follow the middle road between extremes, the via media was the dominant philosophical precept by which Ancient Roman civilisation and society was organised. (via media - Wikipedia)

    Absent the gross abuses of a tyrannical government and the rampant growth of corporations, the people of our nation here in these United States would still have quite a difficult time maintaining the balance of power. In fact, it is because of this very reason we currently live in a corporate controlled oligarchy disguised as a Democracy which is really supposed to be a republic to begin with. The purpose of this discussion is not meant to uncover each reason and explain how and why we got to where we are, but challenge the reader to understand a very clear concept pertaining to the balance of power within their own mind.

    Below, is an example of a simple balance scale. To either side represents an extreme on each end, and in the center is neutrality.

    You may perceive an instance in any manner of ways, but chances are you will most likely adopt the most commonly held perceptions in which society has accepted. In general, these perceptions will be based on sound policy, facts and evidence provided by experts and professionals of every field. The media channels will then spend a great deal of effort organizing and presenting this information for your consumption. To many people this procedure is quite normal; there can be no arguing the facts if they are the only facts on the table. What happens to the scale when only one type of data is entered into it? It would balance to only one side, is this not true? If we were to add a list of items to a database and we had two colors as categories, say 'yellow' and 'blue', but only entered in the 'yellow' items, the data is missing a critical component and is entirely comprised of only one item type. No comparison can be made at this point, and no precise reference can be made with regard to the other category. We would need to add in the 'blue' data and then run a diagnostic to receive a valid comparison. The point is, if you do not challenge the information being stored in your mind on a daily basis, chances are you will be receiving only one category of information. The two party political system we have is what I describe as a "false paradigm". Both sides are entirely controlled by Council on Foreign Relations members and 'inspired' by powerful corporate lobbyists. Nothing you ever see or hear concerning politics is wholly real, legitimate and unbiased. It helps to actually have a baseline and a legitimate opposing thought to make a conclusion.

    Know2. Societal perceptions vs. Your perceptions

    A concept is a mental representation of a thought or idea which is stored in the mind and can be accessed by memory in any number of ways. A perception is a sensory trait, and therefore developed by the senses and require an opinion to be made. Most of the concepts of today are actually controlled perceptions. In fact, marketing corporations spend billions upon billions just to figure out the best way to incite emotion and create the strongest perceptions. Humanity did not always rely upon high definition video and Dolby surround sound to receive information to formulate concepts, and perceptions were never so easily inspired like they are today. But, what does this all mean?

    Know3. Creativity

    If the program you create is only filled with one data type, it would be pretty unbalanced. If your mind were the database, it would be safe to conclude that it's overloaded to one side. I believe you have heard of the term "sensory overload" before. If your mind is bombarded with repetitive information concentrated on stimulating the senses, it will have a negative affect on creativity. This should not be confused with the body's own condition (such as depression) which could have a negative affect on health but not on creativity. The creative mind is dependent upon the senses. One might argue this is not the case since Beethoven composed great works when he was deaf. We must not forget, Beethoven did not lose his hearing until the last decade of his life, then gave up conducting and performing but continued to compose. He could still feel the music by vibration and perceive the sound from memory. The creative nature of our minds is impressive and should not be underestimated. Creativity falls on the right side of the scale, with your personal concepts. Increased creativity leads to free thought, original ideas and invention, and spiritual discovery just to name a few examples. The opposing concept of creativity would be supported on the societal side of the scale.

    Know4. Conformity

    The primary goal of any group is to continue to provide protection for itself. Many of nature's creatures fall into the habit of grouping together. The entire concept of safety is comprised of strength in numbers. The concept of conformity is rooted in group mechanics, and we can factor our status within the group as well as public opinion, societal rejection, compliance, psychology and influence just to name a few examples. Although we can still possess creativity within the sphere of conformity, it is always going to be limited by the multitude of variables within the social structure. When we speak about the mind exclusively, creativity simply does not exist at the farthest end of the conformity scale.


    There may be a way to conclude this by asking you to compare your own level of conceptual thinking, creative abilities and commitment to conformity. We may find the results of our study also serves as a guide for what is happening to our society.

    If you are not prepared to take the initiative and actually maintain balance with thought, and only accept information provided to you by "official" outlets on a routine basis, then I urge you to reconsider your priorities. Unplug your television, read a book or become addicted to a forum online like the Survival Monkey. Actually begin to think on your own and try to come up with original ideas and concepts. The more you are ingrained in society, the more you will be dependent upon the same channels for encouragement and support. Don't be surprised to find one day that all your support channels have evaporated and your fragile reality has collapsed. On that day, remember this warning and remember it well. History is made by the brave who dare to challenge the unknown and walk where the others are too timid to venture. You might get lucky and find our footprints, but don't count on it.
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    Damn, I'm good.
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    Yes @Brokor you are good. One thought that keeps entering my head is that people are losing their depth. I think people are too shallow or, it is like they have lost the ability for deep thought. What bothers me is Hollywood and those folks. They really have a voice that people listen to. They are just actors yet people are easily swayed to the actors POV. I have seen a trend of say actor X talking about an issue and people hop on caring about that issue without really learning about that issue.

    Do you recall Kony 2012? The video was viewed 80 million times in 5 days!!!! The whole Kony thing took off, hit the gas. I watched as immediately people started calling for intervention on an issue they hadn't known about 24 hours before. The whole psychology of the wildfire that took place is fascinating yet extremely scary.

    I do not think most want to turn off the TV and social media. Sorry but many people are not strong enough to accept and really see what is happening. For someone to truly open their eyes, they have to accept the ugly, they have to leave the group thinking. People are not good at lonely and being truly individual.
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    I have a "Personal Saying" that parrots Motomom's sentiment above...
    "What makes anyone think, that some HollyWierd Dude, or Dudette's "Opinion" is any more valid, that a Bum's, on Skid Row?"
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    I have never once said "gee, I wonder what the Dixie-Chicks think about this political issue. ?" What does bother me is "why does this actor/singer/comic think I should CARE about what he thinks about this issue?" That's not why I watch them.
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    Well said @Brokor and I think the fundamental problem is that so many people are just busy trying to make a living that mostly what they see is a snippet on the evening news and make a judgement based on that snippet without digging deeper (@Motomom34 's point). I don't think this makes them lazy or weak or ignorant, I think that corporate America has them focused on survival and providing for their families. When was the last time any of you worked for minimum wage and tried to survive on it?

    Having said that, people could be more responsible about gathering info but for the most part, voting and fighting over bad news MAKES NO DIFFERENCE it merely adds hate and rancor to the world. There are ACTIONS to take if you truly want to make a difference. Otherwise its just more negative, unbalanced hot air in the atmosphere.

    Figuring out what's important to you, preparing for the worst case scenario and enjoying life. Eyes wide open no fear.
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    I'm not certain if I can honestly claim that any person is really completely in control of their thoughts until I have exchanged enough discourse with them. This even applies to people who may be "in the know" with the survival realm, for they also can be susceptible to suggestion and may have acquired a hodge podge of cumulative nonsense which could dampen any attempt at reaching a higher pinnacle of understanding. People are like sponges with their memories and thought process; I wonder if it ever dawns on people to actually question everything. More than all of this, I believe there exists a very real opportunity at every moment for people to push the boundaries on "normalcy" and create solutions from their own creative consciousness. I understand this may hearken upon philosophical ground, but philosophy is the cornerstone to discovery.

    When I get out into the community, I see the vast majority of people simply conforming and playing out their roles in a type of mimicry --like robots from a science fiction novel. When a question is posed which contradicts their program parameters, they fall into a cyclic loop to reprocess or shut down entirely. The typical response, then, is to crack a joke or to change the subject. But, what I often look for is ripples in the air, so to speak: The woman reading a book in the coffee shop instead of a smartphone, or the guy standing in line wearing neutral colored, nondescript clothing and well made boots. I can easily scan the scene and ignore the countless clones with their matching, trendy appearances and similar speaking patterns.

    Some people are hopeless, but just as I often try to write as though I am doing so for an intelligent audience, it's the few who are not lost I am actually attempting to cater to. I do not make excuses for what has become of humanity; I just see this existence for what it is and routinely shatter the normalcy bias into a million, tiny fragments. And I do this simply because I can.

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    I can honestly say no one is in complete control of their thoughts. Everyone has odd thoughts that pop into their head all the time.

    I can completely say that I can tell who is mentally stable by seeing how they act on those thoughts.

    Thoughts mean very little. You can burp and skip a mental groove but how you act or react on any given thought determines your sanity level.
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    I disagree. From Sufism to Buddhism, or Wiccan to the High Arts --people have long striven to reach perfection, enlightenment, and ascension. If your thoughts are not "your own", this infers they came from external stimuli. A trained person can very easily block out television, radio, loud street vendors. Simply living in a remote location provides a great opportunity to experience solitude and free thought. Finally, by claiming "nobody has complete control" when referencing thought, what you are essentially doing is making the claim that "somebody" or "something" has control over our thoughts, even if it's sporadic. I know about the power of suggestion, mind control, various techniques involving frequency but not every human on the planet is being controlled by external forces.

    I have a very ordered mind. This has never happened to me. Even though my head is racing with a billion thoughts, I have chosen to own them all.

    Possibly. I mean, some people can be really good at hiding their...thoughts. I think that first, understanding must come. Is an enlightened mind more or less "sane" because they have decided to abstain from taking part? No reaction, no acting. To this mind, the experience only demands observation, and just happens to be the key ingredient which permits this to all happen. Which came first, the thought or the mind with the thought? That's possibly wrong, by the way. What if there is no mind? Let's not even spend time on whether or not humans are avatars for collective consciousness.

    What is more in line with traditional thinking, is that people are deemed "sane" or "insane" according to the definitions and thoughts of other people. Am I the only one who finds this to be strange?
  10. Ganado

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    If you notice random thoughts, the question is who is the observer and who generated the random thoughts.

    We can chat sometime about this. Forum isn't a great place for this kind of discussion as many nuances don't wommunucate in written words.
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    Did you say that, or was it just the voice in my head?

    I agree, it's best spoken rather than typed.
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