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    Get Your Prepper Score | National Geographic Channel

    Food for thought in evaluating where you are and where the holes are in your preparations. How do you rate according to this self test? Is it where you want to be and if not, time to fix the areas that need attention.
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  2. Silversnake

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    My prepper score is -35. I have nothing, so don't even bother with me.
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  3. Yard Dart

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    :lol: [gasmask]
    I don't think anyone here cares what the other Monkey's score is.... just thought it could be a tool to look at where you might be...or not.
  4. Silversnake

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    I'm just puttin' it out there.
  5. kellory

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    Me neither, all my guns fell out of the boat....;)
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  6. Silversnake

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    You need guns for preps? Never even considered that. Hmm, maybe someday I will have to get some.
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  7. Yard Dart

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    Evidently I put this in the correct sub-forum.... [ditto]
  8. fmhuff

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    I'm dead if anything happens. I knew by the questions where this would lead.

    IRL I believe I'm more prepared than the average Joe. They're dead too.
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  9. Brokor

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    Although I would say this survey is decent for gauging overall preparedness, it is seriously lacking in some realistic proportions. A couple of the major points I found in this survey, for example, is the question about how much wood you have stored up by the cord, and your fuel (propane) reserves measured by the gallon. For a woodsman, living in the woods alone grants an immense amount of wood which doesn't need to be cut and seasoned to be useful. As far as propane goes, I see any fuel of this nature to be a temporary measure, even a luxury. The point system doesn't even afford you additional reward unless you have several hundred gallons of propane --that's just ridiculous. The same can be said about cords of wood for this survey.

    Also, I do not like the whole, "you will survive THIS MANY weeks (or months)" result, it's too much like the television show, which is a little too dramatized and geared more to the typical yuppie clone. Even the food portion of the survey is based on a 2200 calorie "diet", well rounded with vegetables, meat and the need for thousands of MRE's as though the idea was to survive 30 years in a bunker with no outside influence. The fact is, many people can (and do) live on much fewer calories (like myself), can utilize fewer resources and get by with no problems, may acquire resources as needed, and won't have any desire whatsoever to live in an underground, fortified bunker with perpetual energy and a private subterranean reservoir to dip their toes into to relieve stress ( I assume).

    I played with the points system a bit, and you won't receive credit unless you are on the extreme side of the ranking, and it's safe to declare that only a select few can claim to have their own deep underground city fully furnished and stocked, ready to go, less than 1 mile away from their residence.
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  10. Yard Dart

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    I think the premise of the survey in my mind was a check off for various aspects of your preps. And it achieves that food for thought paradigm to me, as I am continually trying to figure out what is next or the priority to improve, supplement or fix in my quest to be ready for "whatever". Do you have multiple water sources and means to purify.... do you have shelter with means to heat, cook and defend the joint, do you have food resources that are balanced and will feed your crew for a duration, can you provide the materials and skills to help the ill and wounded, and so on.

    I agree with the food and wood storage issue, as I was dissecting how many cords I could pull out of the adjacent woods (many) and how much fuel I could pull out of vehicles (EMP based issue which precludes vehicle use for most newer year models).

    The reality of how many months you survive relies on way to many factors to list... which includes your environment, skills, team, and stores.... amongst many other items such as what the hell started the SHTF emergency in the first place.

    But amongst all those issues, how do you handle the stress of everything, and those around you. If you loose your head.... you will loose your head ehh.

    And @Brokor if you have a private subterranean reservoir to dip your toes into to relieve stress.... I am jealous... ;)
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  11. Silversnake

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    I wonder how many URLs unique MAC addresses (or whatever they are called) were tracked with that survey. "How many weapons do you have?" "Do you have a bunker?" "Do you have and special training?"
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  12. ghrit

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    Yeah, that's why I didn't finish the quiz. Still "they" could have retained the partial.
  13. BTPost

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    I finished the Quiz, and found that their scales didn't go near far enough on some of the Questions, for my score. My score was docked, because they didn't think that I had enough People, on my team. Where I live that is not a valid conclusion, but a uninformed rationalization. Fine, I recognize this failing in the Quiz, in that My Mileage is NOT, the Norm, but way outside it. I still scored very high, and 20 Months, looks to be their highest Rating. ........ Their Mileage will vary, A LOT....

    PS, if they call for an interview to be a featured Outfit, on their show, Which is why, I suspect, they have such a Quiz, in the first place. They will only get ONE Answer, " Pound Sand, and do NOT call back."
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  14. mysterymet

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    Too bad by hand guns were lost in a kayaking accident and I sold all my long guns in private sales and only to people who had a valid ltcf. I've saved the newspaper classified ad to prove it. Sorry i didn't remember to take names and addresses. I am sure one of the guys was name John Smith... I failed the test miserably.
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