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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by SoCal09, Dec 1, 2009.

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    you're the one who said bankers fund communist countries not me. i was merely pointing out that i dont care and feel no obligation to repay it. all the wealth they have is stolen from the proletariat anyway. if they want to hand some over before it can be taken, all the better.
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    That's not exactly what I said; the Elite control ALL monetary systems, not just in communist societies. But, I do admire your sentiment. :) You have the right attitude, I must admit. [beer]

    And I apologize if I was rude before. I just don't like "Party Propaganda".
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    Debat ender. Every time a point is made on the pack of lies that is communism

    Those arent points made on communism though. merely on the ways the soviets and the export nations tried to implement it. marxist communist theory only has a few very basic principals. namely;

    1) all history has been driven by class conflict
    2)the current class struggle is between the the proletariat and bourgeoisie
    3)the bourgeoisie will have to be overthrown by revolution
    4)the result will be a classless society

    the rest is quibbling about methods, and ive already said i roundly disapprove of pretty much every thing that happened after Stalin came to power. democracy must be firmly rooted in every aspect of society or a new quasi-
    bourgeoisie based on state power rather then private wealth takes over.

    you come up with some B.s. facet or special condition known only to you. Have a good evening, keep that flag south of I 94

    not only to me. just not widely outside hard-left circles. we sorta lost the PR war there, in case you hadn't noticed[winkdown].

    oh jeeze, now look. weve done shat up two pages of an unrelated thread. If you wanna keep discussing this maybe we should start a new one? [dunno]
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    Ivan, if you REALLY wanted an assignment to grab a hold of, I suggest looking into political strategy, the art of war, and psychological tactics for starters. The reason I bring this up may not be obvious at first, but I am certain that it has relevancy.

    The best lies are the ones which are hidden within the truth.

    Communism was designed to have fundamental strengths in its core philosophy; it must be delivered to the hearts and minds of people who struggle. We can each find something to believe in; and if we look hard enough we tend to find answers, even if those answers sometimes involve despotism and utter hopelessness. If you believe nothing else I type, I wish for you to trust this little bit of insight for your quest. You will find no answers with belief systems until you first remove yourself from the equation and learn to stand on your own. By adding the philosophies of communism and socialism into your thought processes, you both subconsciously and inadvertently adhere to the dictates of those who create the doctrine. This is no different than a political party, as conservatives and liberals alike will often find themselves in a heated battle over subjects which have no real merit to begin with, and these people who once were free thinking individuals, are reduced to being little more than parrots in a cage squawking for a cracker.

    But whatever. I don't really care what you choose to believe. I just wanted to point out that you never really chose to start with.
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    Definitely [deadhorse]. I've been following it only to keep my Moderators union card up to date. If you guys want to continue then please start your own thread.

    This is the original post and purpose of the thread, let's stick to answering SoCals' question.

    Do you believe that the United States Congress should be composed of equal numbers of men and women, as well as members from different racial or ethnic groups in proportion to their population in the United States?
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    I believe that's the shortest post you ever posted!!!

    Is that your final word?

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  10. Tango3

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    Do you believe that the United States Congress should be composed of equal numbers of men and women, as well as members from different racial or ethnic groups in proportion to their population in the United States?

    How'bout:"No" I do not".

    better? :) In the spirit of "stick to the op topic ". I thought" no" was brief,efficient, concise and a viable response.[​IMG] Sir moderator: "Wielder of the banning stick...."
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    Don't make me get my stick out!! [beat].

    Now as to the original question;

    I believe that the scenario you are posing would amount to affirmative action in government. A bad idea. Our form of governance, while certainly not perfect, is the best and most fair that the world has known. IMHO.

    Our representatives are elected from a district and that allows the choice of that district to be repesented. A predominately black district would naturally elect predominately black representatves. But not always.

    Our system allows for the election of the best person for the job. A dismal failure of affirmative action programs. When a certain percentage is mandated in order to be "fair" it injects another consideration into the equation. No longer are you looking for the best person for the job, you now have to look for the best person for the job who also meets the mandated criteria .

    That system would and does invariably produce under qualified, inferior candidates. Not inferior by any race or gender standard but inferior in experience and or apptitude.

    The best person for the job, the most qualified, should always be hired, elected, or promoted irregardless of any other considerations.

    To mandate a fixed percentage of representatives be a certain race and gender is restricting the choice of the people and invariably reducing the quality of choice.

    Affirmative action in trying to negate racism in choice actually promotes it. A truly race and gender blind nation would have the exact system that our founding fathers created and that is allowing for the selection of the most qualified for the position.

    This is true racial and gender equality. Everyone on an equal footing. No one promoted over another.

    This is the true meaning of "With liberty and justice for all".

    Just a side note. Anything that lowers the competancy and quality of our elected officials I am against. Even though that seems to be nearly impossible to accomplish in todays political clime.
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