Youtube/Full Disclosure/ Its Awesome/ learned everything I know there!!

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    Youtube is the most AWSOME!!!! learning site on the planet. No, you can't find everything there, but , Yes Almost.
    I have spent the last year scouring their site for different things, all kinds of stuff, form raising rabbits to rocket stoves, I have yet to look for something and Not Find It!!
    If your just getting started because you just woke up, like I did a year ago, there is a treasure trove of Info there.
    There's a lot of CRAP and Fear mongering, you'll have to discern that for yourself! If you see the world is going to end tomorrow, It probably won't, but having said that, When on National television ( 60 Minutes) 2 NASA scientists tell you they found out about the Russian Meteor on YOUTUBE and Twitter, you might want to weigh that in as well.
    Be sure to write it down, take notes, and print out the info you get there that you want to keep, place it in a Binder, put it in a plastic bag, one day the Kill Switch for the Internet (Currently being investigated by Congress) might be flipped!!!
    You will not be able to access the info like that anymore.
    It is important that we WAKE UP!!!
    Just take a look at the Philippine's right now, they are starving and have no hope in sight for a long time. Granted our National Infrastructure is far better than theirs but, how long till help arrives, Katrina is a prime example, the Colorado Floods just a few months ago.
    Site's like This One,;) , youtube, permie's..... are excellent ways to learn how to at least get started!!
    Good Luck and Good Morning, to all of my brothers and sisters that have opened your eye's.
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    Thanks, We're fixin' to actually put all this stuff to use , shootin for March. I'm look at the uinset huts right now finding out structural load info.
    Got a good run at it and a lot of stuff I need already, Knowledge, tools, some money, Got about 6 people/ families looking to get involved.[sinking]
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    I recently picked up a galaxy 3 tablet and grabbed a free ap for downloading youtube videos and saving them to 32gb microSD cards. You can fit an awful lot of tube vids and pdf ebooks on a single 32 gig card and they can easily be swapped out. The battery life is also surprisingly good. I'm not easily impressed by tech...but I gotta say...this one is going in my BoB when I'm done organizing the library. Figure it could be charged easily enough with a trickly solar panel, hand-crank or better still off a car battery with an inverter.
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