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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by Turtle, Oct 23, 2012.

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    Do any of you own one of these ? I recently bought one and i really like it...despite the weight.I have the 14 cm which holds about 1/2 gal.I have a few ideas on mods like putting in a wire bail and drilling some strainer holes in the lid.I'd be interested to hear about what other mods,add ons, improvements you have made

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    Can you give a review of this by any chance? (some typical uses, durability, carrying, packing, etc.)
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    Ok Well first off many people won't like that it is not American or Canadian made it is made in Thailand however it is REALLY sturdy ...not exactly light weight .....about 24 oz.Can comfortable hold about 1/2 gal and the little bowl can comfortably hold about 14 fluid oz.Being stainless steel i can scrub it clean pretty quickly though after a few uses on the fire it has gotten a bit of a yellow tinge on the outside....but that doesn't bother me at all.Zebra does make several sizes Height is about 6 1/4 " and diameter is about 5 1/2 ".So far i have used to to boil foods potatoes,veggies cook pasta,heat soup etc.I don't know about packing as i don't really hike.Some things i don't like are the handle bail is kind if a bent metal..which is not the easiest thing to lift out of a fire or coals with a notched stick but i plan on installing a wire bail replacement and the fact that it doesn't have stamped measurements on the side like many other pots do.There is also no included pot gripper or strainer for draining noodles etc. Over all score 8.5 out of 10 I took off a little bit because of the handle issue, no pot gipper or stamped markings.For durability and ease of use/care...i give it a 17 out 10
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    I have a 12cm and really like mine too. Have had it for years. Very sturdy and durable. I took the strainer part out as I just use a canteen cup for both a cup and bowl. Oh, don't forget to take the plastic bits off before you stick it in the fire. As soon as I got mine, the label and plastic came off and went into the trash.

    Water boils pretty quickly and you can make a mean pot of rice in it. I cooked rice right on the camp fire with it and the guys were shocked it wasn't burnt. Of course, the trick is to move the pot to a cooler spot to simmer after it boils.
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