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    My very first lighter, or at least the first one I played with, was my dad's zippo when I was six years old. I thought it was so cool, even though I almost burned my neighbor's house down.

    Was playing with the two daughters and was underneath a couch or bed. Thought it would be cool to light it up under there like I was in a cave or something. I learned that the flame does not have to be touching something very flammable to have it catch. And that flames and heat go upward. :eek:

    As soon as the underside started catching, I closed the lighter, snuffed out the burn with my little six year old hands and made my quick exit!!

    Fast forward almost five decades and I still like Zippo's. Especially since no one died or got hurt from my childhood episode.

    One thing is that fuel evaporates really quickly from them. Maybe a week or two, even if you don't use it. So I always put a ranger band over mine to stretch out the time the fuel takes to evaporate. And it still does. That is a major downfall of the Zippo. Maybe THE major downfall. Because, come on, it is a great lighter and so very cool to this day.

    So I just refilled mine this evening. And will do a test. Every day, if I can remember, I will roll down the ranger band and light it once or twice and then see how long the fuel lasts.

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    Yes, the summer of '69 was interesting for young hanzo. That was also when I played doctor with the two sisters and found out how boys and girls truly are different.

    Funny how a simple lighter can bring back such memories.
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    But which memory was the more scary at 6 years?:LOL:
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    I like Zippo lighter also have a lot in my collection people are suprised I carry one they all say you don't smoke why do you carry one and I ask them have you ever been stuck in a island over night or in the woods they say no well I have and it makes things a lot nicer having a lighter and a pocket knife which I always have
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    I'm getting 25-29 days from fill to failure to light on my Zippo using a nitrile exam glove to prevent evaporation. Will be interested in hearing the final results of your test with the ranger band.
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    The fire! Because I realized what the consequences could have been. I can't remember which sister's idea it was to get naked, but no fear for me on that front. It wasn't until years later, that I learned about the possible consequences of girls. That's why I pretty much immersed myself into school, martial arts and sports.

    Yeah, girls can be scary! I remember in fifth grade, one of my girl classmates was very touchy feely in school. So uncomfortable at the time. She was all over me and asking me to come over to her house after school because her parents weren't home. I think I made a wise decision and did not go. One of my classmates got another pregnant in intermediate school. Freaked me out. And the fifth grade girl was coming on to me years earlier! That could have been a life changer if I went. Martial arts self disciplined saved the day with that one.
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    I carry a disposable on the plane too. It is allowed. I don't think Zippo's are. And not a big deal if they confiscate a disposable.
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    Can you show your glove method? My unofficial time is around three weeks or so. This time, it will be recorded.
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    I have several Zippos, and they all last about 3 weeks or so. The one exception is my Pipe Zippo, it will last 4 weeks or more depending on the temps! It's the one I use all the time, and it's pretty worn, but it still works great. All of my Zippos work well when the winds are up, so I think you guys that are having wind issues may need to tune the wick a little, a Zippo should stay lit in a 25 MPH Blow!!! You guys might also wanna check out a Pipe Zippo, they are made to light on there side and they will stay lit in a lot more wind!!!
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    This is one of those rare times when words are better than pictures, because there isn't much to see. I just drop the lighter into a nitrile exam glove and push it top first into one of the fingers. I usually use the thumb first, but they all work. If one gets a hole I just switch fingers. The glove rolls off easily when the lighter is needed, helps prevent the lighter from sliding out of my pocket, and makes it look far less desirable to a would-be thief. Really, who goes out of their way to much more than avoid a discarded exam glove on the deck?
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  11. M118LR

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    How much do you think you can get in trade for a BIC? I can't even converse about the things I've got in trade for the most common of American Zippo's!
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    That would depend on circumstances, I suppose. Someone cold and cannot make a fire might trade quite a bit for the lowly Bic.
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  13. M118LR

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    Might have dented a couple of Zippos, but I've broke more than my fair share of bic/scripto's in my pocket. Not to mention I've gotten more for a Zippo than a Duck. LOL. (Not for the open airwaves)
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  14. M118LR

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    Oh yea of little faith. Under the cotton batting there always lies another flint or more. That same cotton batting is one of the best tinder's that a man can have. A Zippo will still be striking long after you have incinerated your disposable lighter. Just what was it that you intended to incinerate above timber level or out on the ice sheet? But I might suggest a 2 dollar Mag Bar from Harbor Freight if you like to make fire under any conditions. JMHO.
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    @Hanzo, here's a picture of a Zippo in a nitrile glove. Like I said, not much to see here. Blue nitrile will discolor in yellow and brown shades from the lighter fuel vapors. That really makes it unlikely that anyone would pick it up if you happen to drop it. :)

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  16. hot diggity

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  17. Merkun

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    Unless the previous owner has already used it up. Good thing to check when buying at yard sales, if you are the least nervous about a future lack of flints. (I'm not. To me, zippos are collector's items and very low on the fire starter back up list, WAY below Bernz-O-matic.
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    I recently retired my old Zippo since it was an engraved Vietnam collectible from 1964. I replaced it with another nicely engraved Zippo that I picked up for $1.95. It's from 1960 and is like new.
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    As a welder, you learn this very early on. But for others...when welding or working near sparks, etc never carry a disposable lighter in you pocket. They have a tendency to produce a fireball when the case is pierced by a hot piece of slag!
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