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    I could have sworn I did a review on this before, but couldn't find it.

    Anyway, it is a great thermal bottle. Been using mine for a year or two now. Liquids stay hot or cold for a long time. In my original review, I actually timed it to about 24 hours, if I recall. Ice cubes remained in there even with periodic opening and closing of the bottle to check and take a sip.

    Same with hot liquids. Still hot the next day.

    I have two different types. The sippy type and the decanter type with a cap that works as a cup. Unless you only intend to drink cold liquids, do not get the sippy style. You will burn your mouth. I like to decant into the cap so I can sip from there. Much better.

    What brought this on was that we didn't drink all of our coffee this morning. That is a rare thing. But we were in a little of a hurry to get the monkeys fed and the big one dropped off at the mall.

    So the leftover coffee, about half a bottle, went in to the Zojirushi bottle. It is a stainless vacuum bottle. When I had the coffee six hours later, it was the same temperature, according to my mouth, as when I poured it in.

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