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  1. Nope, not sci-fi, it's here now, well by here I mean Africa but could be here soon. I'm not sure if there is another thread about this yet so I don't want to bother you with the same.





    If this is old news I'm sorry
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    Well, it isn't old news to me. That's freaking scary. Now I have something else to worry about.
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  5. It seems the LEO had to shot him 6 times and this "naked man" kept chewing on the other guy's face while being shot until he dropped dead at the 6th round (head shot I wonder?).
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    What drug cause's one to want to chew another's face off ???
  7. No drug I know.......and in my profession we are familiar with most. Hopefully it's not that human rabies I posted at the start of this thread that is going on in Africa right now. If it is and is already here...this could be a bigger problem than I originally thought :(
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    True !!!
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    My money would be on a combination of meth and ketamine.
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    Possibally LSD a bad trip, PCP mixed with something else there was this stuff several years back they called venom. It was a mixture of 5 or 6 different drugs which caused people to go crazy and was like trying to stop a bull. There was a Shooting in I think Tazwell Va where the guy had hurt several officer's and was focused on this one they ended up shooting this guy close to 20 times and multiple hits in magor organs and the guy before dying still managed to stab the officer. I wasn't there but started right around that time and remember being told about it by several guy's that was. The cornor report showed the guy to have broken bones in his arms where they used batons attempting to get him to drop the knife fractures in the legs and pelvis. Areas that would stop a normal person.

    I know I seen something on the history channel a month or so back and they had this guy talking on there that the military had a bio-weapon that would cause people to show signs of a zombie. It is hard to tell what the goverments of the world have done to us with their back room experiments and mistakes. Chemical spill and leaks or unknow testing that they have done that we will never no of.
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  11. The violence you speak of Alpha I have seen, but this story just stinks somehow, this guy did not stop eating the other dude even while getting shot, like his brain was not there. I hope you are right about the drugs, this rabies+influenza=zombie virus in Africa sounds really scary to me, perhaps more scary than anything I ever heard/learned before, you know very well that zombie holocaust is not my scenario for SHTF but this might have changed that. I also know that Many countries are working around the clock to find a cure to the african zombie virus and I have no doubts that we have samples of it in our country right now. Also a lot of the developmental work with viruses in this country is done in Florida. I really hope you are right or this could be a serious problem, right NOW!!!
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    Oh I agree It is scary, I was just saying with the chemical mixtuers our goverment and other goverments have created and played with this could be a man made problem. That was released on the people like the new strain of bird-flu that they created and won't destroy. I just wonder how many modern day virus have been man made and released in some way wheather by accident or in the name of science.

    I swear if you guy's have not read World War Z do it alot of this sounds like the first few chapters.
  13. World war Z? I will check it out. I agree about the man made viruses, the H5n3 if ever comes out and decimates the human race has definite human touches to it. And this one.... Thousands of years co-existing rabies and flu never combined. Why now? A zombie like disease in 2012? Coincidence? I think NOT ;)
  14. OK now they are saying that the guy is black when yesterday everyone could see he was white.
    OK a lot of the links to it kept disappearing during the night in triage and was replaced but crap about that guy.
    OK the University of Miami's Dr. Andreansky as been posting papers on the rabies+flu virus possibility since 2010 openly, even on Nat Geo
    OK the University of Miami's Dr. Andreansky is the expert o the current rabies+flu virus in Uganda and other African countries and supposedly studying the virus and investigating possible vaccine solutions
    OK this is the distance between DR. Andreansky lab at the Miller School of medicine @ University of Miami and the Naked Zombie attack (on google maps) https://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=University+of+Miami's+Miller+School+of+Medicine&daddr=NW+14th+St&hl=en&sll=25.788865,-80.2008&sspn=0.027938,0.038409&geocode=FWSHiQEdDxA4-yHildxHb1CNpA%3BFYt9iQEdzhg4-w&mra=dme&mrsp=1&sz=15&t=m&z=15

    is this all coincidence?

    I don't think so. Stock your ammo, oil your weapons, save your food. I think ****, just HIT THE FAN!!!!!!!

    Up till the last 48 hours I laughed at the possibility of a zombie holocaust, now...[gun]
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    Thanks for the links and the map. I'm sending it to some of my loved ones that are in the medical field.

    But my big question is, what's the gestation period on this virus? I was only aware that rabies took several months to fully develop. That guy would have to have been hanging around that area for quite a while...

    What are some of the best precautions for an airborne virus such as this? It's not like you just have to keep them from biting you or getting in contact with contaminated bodily fluids, this means you would have to stay far away and disinfect everything you come in contact with?
  16. According to Dr Adreandky from University of Miami (probably dr Frankenstein in this story) the incubation of normal rabies is days, up to even weeks, but mutated strain (like rabies+flu) could have a much lesser incubation period, of even less than a hour
  17. Bath Salts are undetectable via any sort of testing (I'm a ER nurse practitioner). The only way anyone can know for sure if Bath Salts are involved is of the patient tells you. Now this guy was shot dead at the scene do he did not tell them anything. They can assume he took them, but can't know for sure. Then no one finds it interesting that the worlds leading specialist and lab on the rabies+influenza disease is at university of Miami? And that the lab is just a few minutes away from the attack site? Sorry about my crazy posts earlier, I was trying to get the info out to as many forums as I could and the format just got jacked up. Now I am legit, and up till a few days ago didn't even believe in zombies. You can either believe the hype or listen to what I got to say, and I got quite a bit, did quite a bit of research in last few days and it's scary. They choice is yours, just have to ask ;)
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    I wonder if he thought the guy tasted like chicken?[yukface]
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