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  1. I have a bunch of zucchini. Last winter it seemed like a good idea to focus a third of the garden on things I knew would grow well. Most books I have recommend freezing zucchini. For obvious reasons I don't want to rely on a freezer. I found a recipe for unsweetened zucchini dill pickles. Potentially, this could save us a couple of dollars a week on pickles. Are there any other ways to preserve zucchinis that aren't loaded with sugar? I want to try drying some, but I haven't built a solar dehydrator yet.
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    Zucchini bread freezes well. And you can trade it for other foods that your harvest doesn't produce … straight zucchinis .. seem like everyone grows them. By august people are giving them away.
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    Could try pickling a bunch of it, theres difrent recipes, they arnt all sugar heavy. & might be worth searching for ‘courgette’ recipes to (what they call zucchini’s over here) might get more ideas.
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    Don't wait to build a solar dehydrator. You already drive one.

    Just round up a dozen or so old picture frames from yard sales & thrift stores.

    Take out the glass and staple a piece of black window screen over the backs of each one.

    Presto! Low-cost dehydrator trays.

    Lay a few sticks across the seats of your car and lay the trays out on them. You can have as many layers as you wish.

    Then roll the windows up, leaving one open an inch or so to vent moisture.

    After a few hours in the sun, everything on the trays will be dehydrated to perfection.

    The trays don't have to all be the same size & shape. When used right side up the frames make walls around the screen, which is great for retaining things that tend to roll, like berries and sweet peas.

    As an additional bonus, your car will have a nice aroma for a few days. Strawberries are especially nice, and apples, but even sun-dried tomatoes can be very pleasant.
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    Just rolled into the farm from our Sunday Farmers Market where I fried and sold 400+ pounds of Beer Battered Fried Zucchini. All I could think on the way home was "I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT OR THINK ABOUT ZUCCHINI UNTIL TUESDAY!" I sit down in the AC, fire up the computer and what is the fist thing I see ZUCCHINI!!! LOL

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    Make a sandwich
    Grilled or an fry in butter
    Sun dry tomatoes in olive oil
    Extra sharp cheddar cheese
    Butter some bread cook it like your making a grilled cheese sandwich but with grilled zucchini and sun dried tomatoes
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  8. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!
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    Like Uncle Morgan suggested, the car makes a good solar dehydrator. I've just used baker's cooling racks put on the dashboard of the car. It rehydrates well then I pan fry it with garlic butter.
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