“Loose lips sink ships.”

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    Lessons Learned From The Pioneer Fire 2016, by Tanker Jack

    nice after action report

    Lessons Learned From The Pioneer Fire 2016, by Tanker Jack

    my take away

    The lesson was that if you plan to help others you need to triple your food storage, because we had a 6-month supply that just lasted a little over two weeks with us helping others. It woke me up to charity as the Christian thing to do, but your first responsibility is always your family, always. The speed of word of mouth is amazing.

    Once we helped someone, everyone was knocking on our door for food, all within one day.

    If this would have been a long-term disaster, we would not have survived. “Loose lips sink ships.””
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    There are pluses and minuses to this. My feelings are no outright handouts. You want to work? Well I have work that needs done, and I will feed you. Don't like the arrangement, fine here is your water, some rice, some beans, some salt, there is the door. Don't come back unless you have a serious attitude adjustment.
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    Perfectly willing to share with those that need help, have problems with those that want help, even more problems with those that expect and demand help. Whole problem is as stated, food for family for a year will feed whole community for a day and even Christ only used the loves and fishes for one meal, not a life time. I am afraid that my neighbors who have all the new cars, trucks, etc and no food will be a problem.
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    Even .gov is spreading the word to have emergency food supplies. No pity here for the unprepared beggars.
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    The chelloveck care package plan for neighbours and refugees will, if they are lucky, consist of a once only offer of....

    1. A wild food and plant identification chart appropriate for foraging in the local area,

    2. a packet of assorted open pollinated vegetable seeds and pulses...with instructions for cultivation and seed saving

    3. one or two 2 week old chicks or ducks....

    4. a minimalist fishing kit...( a couple of hooks, a couple of metres of monofilament and a couple of small sinkers)


    5. a razorblade, for gutting and skinning small game, or, for just in case the effort of trapping, fishing, growing and foraging their own food is all too much for them. :(

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    Minimalism is not survivable in long term survival .IMO
    It is far more practical to take more than you need and cashe it some where you can still get to it ,
    than to go with out it all together.
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