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    Ok, well I thought I had gotten this posted before but apparently it didnt take so here is basicly what I posted and what went on today. Noting real out of the ordinary, but since Tina took a hit on the head from some stuff falling off the shelf of a closet while she was cleaning she cant drive right now. SO I took her to run some errands then went over to a friends house that we had an arangement set up with for butchering some pigs. They had raised some and were going to sell some and take a couple to the butcher for their own freezer, so we worked ou a deal where we would butcher 2 for htem and they would give us 2 pigs for doing the butchering. We went over today and shot, skinned, hung, gutted and split the last of them so it could chill over night and we can go cut it for packageing to go in the freezer tomorrow. It saves them $200-250 in processing fees and gives us 300-400 lbs of pork for our freezer for a couple days work.

    Since we hadnt set anything out for dinner before we left I cut off one of the front legs and brought it home tonight and carved up some of the meat off of it to fry up for supper tonight. Then a guy came by to deliver some hay for our donkey tonight so went out and knocked it off the truck in the pasture.

    Tomorrow I figure will be kind of busy. We dont have a well at present and there is no county water lines around us so we have a 550 gallon tank that sits under the end of our trailer that we haul water and drain into then have a jet pump hooked to it to supply our water for the house and such. Well at present that system is down since the pipes froze and burst going from the tank to the pump. We go through frozen pipes a lot so keep a couple of 60 gallon barrels full in the house that have spigots like for a garden hose put through the bung caps. We set them on a barrel stand that holds them about 18" off the floor on their side so we can get water from them if the pipes freeze or we have other problems with the normal system. To make it worse BOTH of my trucks are broke down and we just have a little compact K car to get around with. So going to have a friend from work come by and help me haul the barrels to the water tower in town where we haul our water from, about 4 miles away, so I can get all wet filling them up (the hose at the water tower is a 3" hose with lots of pressure) then bring them home, kick them off hte truck and wrestle them into the house. Its a lot nicer that most of the time we have a chance to refill them in place with a garden hose but this method of filling them at the water tower then dragging them in is how we did it all the time for the first 8 months or so that we lived here so its nothing new. Then after (or before depending on the friends schedule) I get to go cut up the pig I swung today and if I have time and the weather warms up enouph I get to go see if I can get the pipes fixed.

    So we will see if this posts and then we will see how tomorrow goes and I'll try to post as I can and keep this up and see where it goes.
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