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    A one page note in a bottle set adrift infeb 2007( forgot it was out there 'til somebody left a comment and it emailed home.):
    The Warningshot

    Rants on things that shouildn't even be allowed to happen the first place

    Friday, February 23, 2007

    We the people...and the anti gun movement


    Warning this is a rant.
    In light of the recent gun "E-world" shakeup graciously provided by( "at" the grave personal cost to. citizen "Zumbo".. I have been thinking about responsibilities of citizenship in our republic (to quote my mom" This is not a democracy").

    I am not a lawyer.
    Nor do I believe I need to be one to interpret our constitution...I am hoping this blog scould function as a sounding board and possible rally point for law abiding citizens who are willing to be counted among those who say" This isn't right...it isn't what the forefathers intended..."

    RANT ON:
    Act one :Thesheer insanity of the New Orleans police removing firearms from the hands of law abiding citizens protecting their homes from within their own property lines, Goes against every thing anyone who takes adult responsibility for themselves and their families and the constitution stands for!

    That these "police and guard units outfitted in the ever stylish Woodland Battle dress uniform ( bdu) or "police swat basic black tactical vests,and "assault rifles" Would be employed "tactically" to enforce a blatantly unconstitutional order from the mayor against an already distressed CIVILIAN POPULACE IS AS FRIGHTENNG AS IT IS Nonsensical. To what purpose did it serve ? Surely these Rich mansion owners were not about to go loot alongside nopd officers??? It was a clearly a means to impose a mandatory "helplessness" upon these citizens.The government reminding the populace "Why you need ( ol' incompetent) us."Though thhe courts have held the police have no obligation to protect any individual...only " the public order at large..."
    all together now:"JUST LEAVE ME ALONE, I CAN TAKE CARE OF ME AND MINE...."

    Act two) The introduction of H.R.1022 The"rebirth of the clinton Assault weapons ban"with an unhealthy serving of extras, i.e. the criminalization of private partysale and transfer of "semiautomatic weapons. The timids in the antigun movement will barely admit to the creeping incrementalism in gun legislation towards acomplete ban on private ownership, the less timid havemade outright calls for termination of personal ownrship of firearms..Not the least of which is the United Nations ( worldwide small arms treatybanning personal ownership).Lets get all the tired cliches out front now...Thesecondamendment is the one that protects all the other amendments.The founding fathers having recently fought amuddy,bloody war to reject tryanny from what would become this country, knew ambitious power hungry, greedy men would/could someday reappear to usurp the power of the people for their own nefarious benefits.A safety valve allowing for the removal of tyrants would be necessary. Hence the right to keep and bear arms. It Has nothing to do with hunting! (as mr zumbo has recently been renminded ) andeverything to do with drawing a line in the sand.When and if legal checks and balances ever fail to protect the citizenry.
    We the people know what the meaning of "Is" is!!!!!
    We are sick and tired of dead blondes, tv judges, an 16 yearold goddess wannabes who conveniently "forget"; to wear undergarments....

    C'mon say it with me Sick of it..!!!

    we aresick and tired of tv newsmedia telling us" we know you are sick of the circus, and won't talk about it, this next hour;. but did you hear the elephant pooped inthe trailer( nexthour)???"

    Sick and tired...
    Weare nauseated to hear everything will be tagged and identified: everylast person,every last farm animal( see nonais.org) recognizable to some government scanner and tallied in a government spreadsheet for inventory "For our own safety ofcourse"!!
    Sick and tired

    We are nauseated to hear of fully completed roads being sold to foreign corporations to be turned into Toll ways to loot the pockets of the citizens whobuilt and own them and HAVE to drive on those same roads to work, feed the family and pay TAXES to a system bent on killing the very goose who lays the golden eggs.
    Sinck of immigrants would come here and try to change everything so its just like at home ( same language, culture)

    Say it with me "If its so good where you came from go back!"

    We don't need driverlicense test in 17 different languages.

    If you want to immigrate and assimilate into the "melting pot";well than you are more than welcome to help build and share in the dream that is America.If you want to eliminate the very constitution which tolerates all relifgions and install a caliphate..fuggheadaboutitt!!!
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