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  1. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    am helping a friend that just woke up from sheepledom
    he would like a good definitive list of what he should cache
    i think its something we could and should work on
    cuz i dont think some people really have a good idea of what they are doing
    so what say you people? can we make one?
  2. BTPost

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  3. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    thank you, i looked but didnt find that before
  4. tacmotusn

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  5. Pax Mentis

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    Bear in mind the area in which your friend lives also.

    Needs for a person in a city, where "supplemental proteins" are not available are far different than my area (for example) with fish and wildlife outside my door...not to mention wild vegetation and the land to grow supplemental food.
  6. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    hes in a detroit suburb
    workin at talkin him into gettin the hell outta there
    before he stocks up too much
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  7. Pax Mentis

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    That works...there should be "supplemental proteins" available around Detroit...

    If you don't mind "long pig".

  8. VisuTrac

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    Which suburb.

    I'm about 50 miles NW of detroit.

    some of the burbs are better (less restrictions on land use and larger lots fewer people) or is he in one of the police state suburbs like Livonia?
  9. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    you hit that nail on the head nice n square
  10. dewber

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    2400 calories per day, or more. Don't forget oil - which is seldom included in any ration or food storage kits, a multivitamin and water. Food won't help much if you die of dehydration on day 3.
  11. Kingfish

    Kingfish Self Reliant

    My food pantry is pretty extensive. Of the list supplied by Tacmotusn I hit most of them out of the park in fact out of the city. We have way more canned veggies and starches then they list but we are planning on 4 adults and two children. I am growing a huge garden and have over 20 fruit trees.The root cellar will keep apples and squash for months into the winter and we are raising rabbits , chickens and live on a small lake that is a panfish factory. I really stocked up heavy on drink mixes like Tang and fruit punch. For me I even stocked up on Crystal Lite . I have 12 cans of coffee and several jars of instant cappacino for those days when ya just want to splurge a little[drooling]. I figure those big cans of powdered tang have vitamin c and that stuff is going to be precious for those kids.

    I have 10 Gallons of canola cooking oil and many smaller bottles of Olive oil and other cooking sprays and canned lard. We have an entire tote full of Kitchen Matches and disposable lighters, lighter fluid and 5 steel zippos. Toilet paper for the next 10 years, Soaps and shampoos, deodorant and razors. Being a Registered nurse my wife has a first aid kit like no other. 4 totes full of medical supplies including powdered antibiotics that you just mix the fluid in and it is ready to go. They come in two packs at her hospital and have no experiation date. They always use one and toss one. The outgoing meds get grabbed up by every nurse in the place. She has a pulseometer, suture kits, books on surgery and step by step procedures. We have so many bottles of asprin and Ibuprofen I lost count. Vitamins of all types from fish oil gel caps to prenatal multi vitamin tabs.
    We have a couple cases each of rubbing alcohol and Hydrogen peroxide. Her next project is a field battle pack medical kit. She is a level 1 Medic in the Michigan Militia. We are both in the west Michigan Volunteers. I am a level 2 rifleman and support unit.

    Canned stews and things like them really make great bases for larger meals. Every can of Dinty Moore we have will be combined with mixed veggies and served over Box mashed potatoes. This way one medium can will feed 6. Tuna and Peas are added to Mac and Cheese to make a simple casserole . Rabbit or venison added to Raman noodles. I have 2 cases of canned red feather butter, 4 cases of canned gravy. box potatos up the wazoo from sams club.

    I am just now starting to add in some booze. Whisky and wine mostly. Salt, sugar, pepper, and the list gos on. I even have 6 cans of spam ha ha ha . Every week we shop and each time we find something that will work and it goes into the pantry. I even stuck a few jugs of Barbecue sauce in there. I must have 100 cans of fruit and applesauce. Again thinking of the kids here. lots of hard candy in sealed jars. There are many more items to mention but Im getting tired. Kingfish
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  12. Kingfish

    Kingfish Self Reliant

    Round two, containers are important. If they seal air tight keep them. I have 10 bottles of pop corn in air tight jars. Two cases of peanuts dry roasted.Two cases of canned mushrooms. 6 cans of instant hot chocolate. I lost count of the number of cans of tomato soup. 12 bottles of catsup and 6 of mustard. I have lots of powdered milk. We filled a 5 gallon bucket with mac and cheese dinners complete with powdered milk in every packet. Just add water. One 5 gallon bucket of Pancake mix. 6 bottles of pancake syrup. Over 100 cans of tuna and about 40 cans of chicken. Lots of Cambells chunky soups and Dinty moore canned stews and other stuff. 16 CASES OF RAMAN noodles. 12 large jars of Peanut butter 6 smooth and 6 crunchy an entire shelf of jelly, jam and preserves. 6 boxes of splenda(Im a type ll diabetic) also about 1/3 of those jams are sugar free. 6 large jugs of Coffee creamer(non dairy). 4 packs of coffee filters. a case of Ajax antibacterial dish soap. 6 bottles of ranch dressing. 24 1 POUND PROPANE CANS FOR THE LITTLE PROPANE CAMPSTOVE.

    Things still needed:

    #1 Vinegar, about 6 gallons
    #2 corn bread mix
    #3 canned cheese(bega) 2 cases
    #4 two 5 gallon buckets of pasta noodles.
    #5 dry Beans two 5 gallon buckets full
    #6 two cases of Bega canned brown bread
    #7 two cases of canned condensed milk
    #8 one case dry yeast
    #9 several cans of baking powder
    #10 20 pounds brown sugar

    There are still many more items after these but it should show you all the direction we are going with feeding 4 adults and two young children. Kingfish
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