10- last minute things you would do when SHTF

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    Name the 10 last minute things you would do when SHTF. Below is a thread from another site. Do not read just yet. List off your last minute what you would do. Yellowstone erupts. EBT goes down and there are runs on the banks and Wal-mart. It is noon, marshal law has been declared and you must be in your home by 6 or shot on site. The doomsday clock has finally hit midnight. Some will say, I am ready, no last minute to do’s needed but in reality, I think there are. I have done a thread like this before but each time one idea goes on and one comes off.

    The author of the link below has good ideas as did the people that commented. Let’s see how well we can do. His list is good but what is a waste of time, what is not? Frankie always says before each storm charge your sell phones and your ipads.......

    10 Last Minute Things to Do Before TeotwawkiPreparedness Advice

  2. Legion489

    Legion489 Rev. 2:19 Banned

    1- take dump in pants.
    2- change pants.
    3- visit the arseholes who call the cops when I park my car on the street in front of my house for more then half-hour to have it ticketed, while they park on street for weeks.
    4- visit the local politicos that thought/think that stripping me of my freedom was a good idea.
    5- keep looters away from library (I want to loot it myself).
    6- see if fork lift will start so I can see how much ammo I really have.
    7- Get more ammo.
    8- get as much food, canning supplies, bottled water, TP, and soap as I can get.
    9- If phones still work, call everyone that told me I was nutz and laugh at them.
    10- buy as much gas/fuel/motor oil/firewood, matches/lighters as I can find.

    OK, read the post AFTER posting above. Not a lot different that I would do. Maybe get some asperin, Vick's, cough drops and cold and flu meds.
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  3. VHestin

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    First thing, let my family/close friends know our doors will be open to them, if they are able to get here, but there will be work required, it ain't no damned hotel stay.

    #2: Get my (only known to me) security plans into effect.

    #3: Make sure the animals are all safe inside.

    #4: Double-check that evacuation supplies are ready to go.

    #5: Double-check water storage. If possible, refill if needed.

    #6: Take medical precautions that are necessary(breathing masks in case of volcanic eruption for example)

    #7: Initiate emergency communications system.

    #8: Make sure my mother understands the new S.O.P.

    #9: Check what neighbors are up to.

    #10: Relax and take a breather, won't have much time for that soon enough.

    Any alternative energy setup I have, will NOT be put into play until the initial shock/catastrophe has worn off and those ill-equipped are gone and the raiders have either been dealt with or moved on because they think there's nothing here worthwhile.

    Now I'll go read the OP.
  4. 3M-TA3

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    The only thing I know for sure is that I would make sure the stove was turned off before my wife and I bugged out - otherwise she'd make me go all the way back there and check as soon as we got to the BOL.
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  5. Ura-Ki

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    Call Wife and institute Blue Helmet Condition 1
    Set Bug plan Alfa 1 into motion
    Contact Neighbors and inform of situ
    Wait for people to become feral, remove threat
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  6. Ura-Ki

    Ura-Ki Grampa Monkey

    Or the Hair Drier! LOL
  7. Dunerunner

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    1. Call family and advise of our plans.
    2. Organize essentials and make ready, water, food, fuel, oil lamps, alternative cooking, alternative power sources.
    3. Secure the Bug-in or Bug-out location.
    4. Take a break and evaluate our condition.
    5. Set the primary perimeter encumberments (new word).
    6. Prepare psychologically for the event, what ever it may be.
    7. Put on a pot of coffee and prepare a hot meal before the power goes out.
    8. Put fresh batteries in the radios and flashlights. My radio is dyno operated as well.
    9. Lock and load support arms.
    10. Embrace the horror....
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  8. Mountainman

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    Now that's some funny stuff!!!

    Did not think of #9, but it's going on my list now.
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  9. 3M-TA3

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    Interesting in that I just did a security assessment of my house and property. Most of what I found was pretty alarming.
    1. Gather the clan - have my wife and MIL return home is they are out. Ask them to make purchases on their way home so we can do that before everyone else has the same idea and prices inflate, etc..Notify nearby close relatives to bring food and firearms if they run into problems and need to leave their homes (they will be in denial). Get Dad and his rifles and shotgun.

    2. Board up the back windows with pre-cut plywood that already has wide angle peep holes with rear covers. Ground floor windows visible from the street get internal razor wire around the edges. Boards with nails along floor under all windows regardless if they are boarded, wired or on the second floor.The idea is to not appear different from any other house from the street. Entrance through any of these windows or the front door will lead an invader into an internal kill zone. I was lucky that my house layout is conducive to that - my next house will have it by design.

    3. Double bolts on all exterior doors. Yes the kind used in castles and forts to keep the doors and gates closed. Master bedroom/safe room also has bolts. Disable garage door mechanism and lock.

    4. Run tripwire to the the 12 gauge tripwire alarms in the back yard and arm with shells. Hope none of them were accidentally mounted to fire horizontally instead of vertically... wouldn't want an intruder to have an accident...

    5. Cut gun ports in exterior walls above the floor and sand bags for protection. For some reason my wife refuses to let me do this in advance.

    6. Firearms and ammunition positioned accordingly.

    7. Double check bug out bags.

    8. Check on neighbors. Mention that we need to have a community meeting (make the HOA president next door call the meeting). Make sure to ask each neighbor if they have a small amount of food to spare since we are almost out (will help keep them from knocking on my door later looking for food).

    9. At neighborhood meeting talk them into barricading the cul-de-sac entrance with vehicles along with side pedestrian entrance and set up check points. offer Mototalk phones for comms. Inventory who has firearms - have one semi-auto rifle I'm willing to assign the main checkpoint if it's needed.

    10. At dark arm the tripwire alarms at the two street facing exterior doors unless the neighborhood has an active patrol (that I will participate in). If no patrol will alternate watch through the night with my wife or others that may have shown up.
    1. Still making preps for many of the steps above, like reinforcing door frames, hinges, pre-cutting plywood sheets, etc. Plan to be ready by this fall before the sellection.
    2. Water supply is gravity fed, otherwise I'd have containers on hand for water, fill the tub, etc.
    3. I expect an influx of stubborn relatives to show up in 3-10 days depending on how long their food holds up and what happens crime wise. I have arms, ammo, and food already set aside.
    4. I've been over-ordering my prescriptions for a while and periodically skipping some. I have a six to nine months supply based on what it is. I also have vitamins, glucosamine, electrolytes, etc., up the ying-yang as well.
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  10. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart Snow Monkey Moderator

    The very first thing that I would be aware of, would come either from a Phone Call from our youngest Daughter, OR a News Flash on our DirecTV Feed. In case of an EMP, and or Nuclear Attack, the lack of a Tv Signal on DirecTv. So, I would then, start listening to ALL of my HF Frequencies, to figure out what happened, and how far & Wide the Effects were being Felt, and what they were. Next is to check the Internet Connection, and if still viable, see what the Major NEWS Sources were BLEETING about. NO hurry to do much else, around here, as the Food, Water, and Shelter would all still be intact, locally... So I have plenty of time to access any Incoming, Issues to my AO... Lack of Comms, would be the most likely Issue, Right Off. Mostly it would be like a Repeat of 9/11.

    We were woken up by the Night Watchman, telling us that an Aircraft had hit one of the Lower Manhattan Towers. So we turned on CNN, and got all the News.... and watched the Second Plane hit the other Tower, LIVE.... Our Biggest concern was we had 200 Cannery Crew leaving, that morning, headed Home, and when they Shut Down US Airspace, NO One could fly, or leave, for an extra three Days.... Made the Cook pretty angry, as he had to unpack the Kitchen, for five more Days... Eventually, everyone left, and my life just continued as normal.
  11. Joe13

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    I'm with 3M on a lot of his stuff.

    Differences would be my friends would be welcome but my dead beat family can't be trusted during regular days - I'm not dealing with them during SHTF. They don't prep anything nor have guns so they are on their own. At least my friends have guns and skills to bring to the table...

    The only real threat to my home and area is a large earthquake, at which point cell phones will be spotty if they even work at all.

    I would consolidate my preps accordingly, right now I've got stuff spread around the house in case part of it collapses (it's old world built so it's a solid house but who knows if a 9.0 hits).

    I have neighbors on good terms on both flanks and one is a baker so they have pallets of flour delivered regularly. I would offer to help defend them for some of the food resources and to share rotational "lookouts".

    I have enough water, but will have to build up my food and basics as I can afford it.

    I also would like a load of plywood delivered to board up the windows on the inside with the blinds closed to keep it looking normal as well as preserve heat.

    My house sits higher then everything within a mile of me by about 4-5 feet so my roof has a great view of the immediate area and would be ideal for a lookout to report trouble.

    I might, depending on the circumstances, raid the local stores close to me for resources ***Im talking we are F'ed for months, I wouldn't do that for a minor few week issue.

    Lastly, I'd have rat traps with primers glued on for a very loud warning system with trip wires - I would hate for my dog to get out and catch a 12ga. That and he is a great warning dog, good hearing and doesn't just bark randomly.

    I'd probably build punji stick traps like back in nam afterwards to stay busy and continue to fortify my place.

    There is nowhere for us to Bug out too so our little piece of property is where I'll be staying no matter the situation...

    I didn't number anything because I have a long way to go to be prepared, and mostly would do what 3M posted, for what may or may not come. No way would we flood, the only other natural disaster I can think of is massive winds since we are a little higher then the neighbors.
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  12. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    Worst case scenario.
    I have taken a road trip 50 miles from home. and there is a CME or EMP my bike is dead and I'm on foot for the duration .
    Average distance per day on foot under normal conditions is about 50 miles ,however during this hot weather it would be significantly less, and travel by night would be the only option.
    Depending on social break down, travel by road would be suicide.
    I bring maps with me for over land passage in my EDC bag.
    I have a cart I can assyemble to haul the most important gear with me including cerian components off the motorcycle.
    It's battery ,If the gas tank is full of fuel, I can barter with .
    The battery can be good for incandescent lights removed from the bike, tools and rescue gear I keep on the bike normally. I have solar panels for charging emergencies. so while I'm resting during the day the battery is being charged.
    I can dim the red tail light lenses for using the lights at night, It saves night vision, and reduces exposure to trouble makers.
    Any thing electronic ( phone , computer ect..)that are dead, I can cast off, reducing what I normally cary.
    Then fill all the water bladders which will add more weight than I normally cary .
    The saddle bags get mounted on the cart with relevant gear and I dawn my back pack and start walking.
    what ever becomes too much of a burden is cast off to lighten the load, but what can be used in barter is like cash.
    My neighbors are usually vigilant, time will tell.
    Once home, establish contacts with neighbors and organize with those remaining. restore communications .
    Develop a strategy .
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  13. Ura-Ki

    Ura-Ki Grampa Monkey

    This is a pretty good look at SHTF and I recommend following your set plans and working to find not only the holes in it, but looking at work around's! I have the distinct advantage of Space and Time to allow last min prep. My main concern is just getting home. I have only one main route home and it's a doozey to be sure. Thankfully, I have 6 alt routs I can use that very few know of or have rigs capable of traversing, and it's actually better when the snows on the ground! The wife's car can only traverse 2 additional routes so we have a plan if we are separated when what ever happens, happens! We also have a plan "B" that can get us home later, or to a even more remote bug location where we can hole up and wait! Most family all ready know what is expected of them if they decide to come to me, so I have ample supplies for that! No one else is expected or welcome! OP-SEC is good, defenses in depth have been made and set, and thanks to a few tactical advantages, most threats would choose to avoid my AO all together. This is a remote, very high altitude setting with no pass through of trade, other then local, and tactically, it doesn't provide for any thing but defenses for those that decide to run for the hills. These folks won't last very long, with out major advanced prep, and those that do make it will become feral and will be weeded out soon enough! I also know the likely hood of any military movements through my AO! Though likely this area would be used for those movements, by the time any did move through, it would be plainly obvious they were good guys or not! The chances of any terrorists getting frisky is below ZERO, so that isn't really a concern unless we were in one of the big cities when things went south! Any natural disaster would likely be major fire, or worse, Yellowstone blowing it's guts out! A Nuking might be likely, but I am far enough away from any likely target, and up wind of any that might be set off, unless it's a miss by a long ways off, I don't see it affecting me! Down off the mountains, that is a different story!!! From there, all this is about getting home and staying put!!!
  14. techsar

    techsar Monkey+++

    Noon? Well, that means I am at lunch, at home.

    Contact wife and get her home.

    Make pot of coffee.

    Turn off all unnecessary items (especially those with parasitic draw).

    Listen to the traffic on the radios...knowledge is power.

    Talk to the neighbors.

    Enjoy coffee.
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  15. Oltymer

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    1. While en-route to liquor store, call family - multitasking.
    2. 2nd stop is at tobacco store, cancer from smoking will be the least of my worries now.
    3. 3rd stop is at gun store, load up on anything, max out credit card.
    4. Head home, stop and see if any food is left at grocery store, potato chips and chocolate are priorities.
    5. Fill up with gas if any is available.
    6. Lock gate with large NO TRESPASSING sign behind me when I arrive at home.
    7. Check 1911, load rifles and place throughout house.
    8. Turn on scanner.
    9. Mix a stiff drink and smoke a bowl - pipe tobacco of course.
    10. Go sit on front porch to observe and enjoy my drink and smoke.
  16. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    1 Get everyone home.
    2. While waiting for everyone to arrive, check water supplies, load guns.
    3. Call parents and have them call the family. Orders are to stock up then lock down. I will try my best to calmly explain this is serious but if it seems like I am wasting my time, I will send lots of love and hang up.
    4. Once the family has arrived, we would go as a group to a sparsely populated town and hit the stores there. Instead of headed to the bigger stores available in the more populated area, I think stores in smaller towns will take less time with lines, riots etc. Just safer IMO.
    5. Make sure car is filled and any half filled gas cans will be topped off. Then head home.
    6. String the barb wire around the boundary of our property. This is something as a team. All the while discussing plan A, plan B.
    7. Ask the kids if we have overlooked something. This is a biggie because they see things differently and usually come up with a simple thing that needs tweaking.
    8. Contact the neighbor down the road. If need be run a radio down to them so that we can have contact if needed.

    I cannot think of any more at the moment. But I think making the last trip out for stock up supplies as a group/family is important. Maybe that is dangerous but I think being together but able to split up, one going to one store and another elsewhere, we cover more stores in a smaller time frame.
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  17. Joe13

    Joe13 Monkey

    Watch some YouTube videos of riots and you may change your mind about splitting up...

    If your going to bring people then you'll probably want them with you to watch your back.

    But that's just my gut feeling - everyone will obviously have to assess the risks when the time comes.
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  18. Pax Mentis

    Pax Mentis Philosopher King |RIP 11-4-2017

    For the purpose of the question, I will assume I am at the house in town, not at the farm or off somewhere in the motorhome.

    1) Assuming that the cell system is still up and working, I will call the people who are committed to being at the farm and coordinate transport to the degree possible.
    2) Load the preps from the house here into the motorhome, along with those of my personal weapons not already there and hook the Jeep to it.
    3) Head for the farm...it's about a 15 minute trip, most of it on lightly travelled roads.
    4) On arrival, set the perimeter alarms, open the shelter and start digging out the extra perimeter "goodies".
    5) By this time, others should be arriving so I will dig out the "cash stash" and send them in groups of 2 to predetermined stores locally (Albertson's, WinCo, Home Depot, Grange, plumbing and electric) for targets of opportunity...
    6. Take a break pour a healthy Scotch and (since it was specified that Yellowstone blew) drink a toast the the memory of my daughter at Yellowstone Village and my friends in Wyoming and Colorado...both of whom are likely toast at this point.

    Other than that, it tends to get event specific and I revert mostly to coordinator since most of the locals will have arrived and be TCOB.
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  19. Cruisin Sloth

    Cruisin Sloth Special & Slow

    Do you have a list of the shopping ?
    Your Daughter needs to look for an overseas fun time job in NZ /AU .
    I picked here for a reason
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  20. Pax Mentis

    Pax Mentis Philosopher King |RIP 11-4-2017

    We have "starter" lists and have talked about the kinds of things to get if available.

    For example, AA, AAA, C and D batteries are on every starter list for every store...clean them out (in spite of having literally hundreds of each...thousands for the AA and AAA).
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