101 Uses For Paracord 2016-04-14

various uses and items you can make using paracord

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    Motomom34 submitted a new resource:

    101 Uses For Paracord - various uses and items you can make using paracord

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    Thanks for the link, MM. The kiddos liked it too.

    Knots are priceless, especially when needed! I need to figure out how to add a link to something from my phone!
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    I once used 3' as a generator crank rope, Its still on the unit.
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    Great post and thanks.

    To those considering buying paracord or 550 cord; buy the real military type III paracord and avoid the imitations. I've used it to guy low band verticals and to hold other Ham radio antenna applications in the air. Unlike the junk rope, it lasts for years exposed to weather.
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    A nice resource @Motomom34 Plenty of inspiration and ideas for paracord projects. Some are savers, some are lifesavers!

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