12 months of prepping one month at a time.

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    This article has a lot of good info for a newbie to prepping. It is only the 1st of 12 installments. Even so there is still a lot here to help get you started on the right track.

    12 months of prepping, one month at a time
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    Great post Tac....there will be a lot of new folks to prepping that will gain from reading this and the other articles to follow in the series!!
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    I like this article. I like how she mentions that she walked around and took inventory, IMO that shows that she is approaching her preparation in an organized manner. Organization is so very important.
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    Thank you Capt. Kirk. It wasn't until I was getting ready to post month 3 that I took note of your post and compared month 3 that I was posting to month 3 on your link to all 12 months. Yes indeed it is the entire 12 months of the same thing I was posting as I got it from another source. There is a lot of good info there folks. Check it out.
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