12 Must Have Items For Prepping For The Elderly

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    This is a great list. A few things I had not thought of. I am sure there are somethings that could be added but this is a nice start. We maybe elderly ourselves, have elderly in our group plus we will all eventually be elderly. I think planning for the future is good. I have seen walkers at yard sales and now I think once settled it would be a good thing to have. Not just for elderly purposes but also, it would come in handy if one of us had an injury that made us unsteady.

    12 Must Have Items For Prepping For The Elderly

    1. Eyeglasses. Many will have their own, but sometimes people do not need glasses until much older. Some older people will only need magnifying reading glasses or "cheaters" to see for reading. I would keep a few of these on hand in varying strengths (+1.25, +1.50, +2.00). I would also keep an eyeglass repair kit on hand for maintaining the glasses.

    2. Canes and Walkers. The elderly people staying with you may need some help getting around. Canes and walkers help provide stability when an elderly person is not walking as steady as they used to. They also help to regain mobility after a fall or an injury.

    3. Incontinence Pads and Underwear. Elderly people have a harder time with their bodily functions sometimes. The bathroom might be too far away. Their muscle control may not be what it used to be. These are handy to have on hand, just in case.

    4. Denture Cleaner and Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste. A lot of elderly people have dentures or teeth that are worn down. Keeping some denture cleaner on hand will keep the dentures in better condition. I would also recommend getting a denture repair kit to have on hand too. For those that have teeth are a bit sensitive, keeping some sensitive teeth toothpaste will help with that problem.

    5. Easy to Dress Clothing. Hands and fingers may not work as well as we would like them to when we get older. Elastic waist pants, tee shirts, and shirts with snaps are easier to put on and will help them keep their dignity. You may want to have velcro shoes. You may also want to get some dressing aids that will help them dress themselves.

    6. Warm Clothing. One of the things that happens to the body as we get older is that we lose our ability to keep warm. Older people get cold quickly and need layers to stay warm. Warm cardigans, sweaters, sweatshirts, and heavy socks all help to maintain body temperature.

    Please follow the link for the rest of the list- Living Life in Rural Iowa: 12 Must Have Items For Prepping For The Elderly

    As the author of the article asked-

    What would you add to this list? What things do you think you would need if you are an older person?
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    Here is one thing that I found in another article regarding prepping for the elderly-

    6. Evaluate the situation with honesty, not assumptions

    Before you even consider taking an elderly family member or friend with you on a bug out, you’re really going to have to make a clear and unbiased decision on whether or not they are capable of making this trip.
    Preparedness Tips for Those with Elderly Family Members

    Depending on your evaluation results, the situation may change. From bugging out to bugging in. Most of the elderly will be very honest with you. When they speak their limitations, listen and place those limitations in your plan.
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    A folding toilet at the bedside - or the BOL, can be a godsend for the elderly. With the powder supplied and lid closed, these are odorless. I use one in the RV. 'Used' bags may be disposed of in the trash - just as one would a paper diaper. Good stuff.
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    Consider a food grinder for those who cannot eat normal food due to loss of dentures...
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    And the decision to go if the group is bugging out should be theirs to make. If they make it, they have valuable perspectives from years are experience. If not, burying them where they go down isn't that much added work.

    Obviously, from the point of view of one close to that age where a decision is to be made...try to make the decision for me and you could find yourself bleeding out as you leave.
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    The term "elderly" steered me right to this thread.
    However, after reading further, decided I wasn't quite there yet
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    The plethora of pills alone keep most old people bound to home.
    BP cuff ,
    blood checker for hypoglycemia ,
    special diets,
    insulin ,
    wheel chair ,walker, cane,
    dialysis machine,
    hospital bed ,
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    Great tip for even youngsters like you @Motomom34.
    One dollar at ....dollar tree 1x to 3.75X they work well with reading and electronic and other finite work.

    One dollar to see what what you are doing...Cheap

    1. Eyeglasses. Many will have their own, but sometimes people do not need glasses until much older. Some older people will only need magnifying reading glasses or "cheaters" to see for reading. I would keep a few of these on hand in varying strengths (+1.25, +1.50, +2.00). I would also keep an eyeglass repair kit on hand for maintaining the glasses.
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    1. Spare batteries / power sources for hearing aids, and the machines that go "ping",that are keeping them alive / functional /mobile.

    2. Comfort items (particularly for those suffering from dementia) that may reduce stress / anxiety / panic attacks.

    3. Defensive weapons...(except for the folks with dementia or who are not mentally competent)...If they are capable of safely loading, aiming and engaging lethal threats to themselves, kith and kin...then they should have the means to do so. It can't be assumed that the elderly are utterly helpless or hopeless at contributing to their own defence or the defence of their band.

    4. Entertainment that's appropriate to their level of functioning...music / reading material...good for morale and relaxation.

    5. A skills assessment to identify useful skills that they can use to contribute to group capabilities...and provide them with the tools and materials that makes effective use of those skills. For example...making and mending clothing and equipment. This takes some of the load off other group members, and is good for the self worth and esteem of the elderly, in the value of what they contribute. My father was keeping radio watches with the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol well into his late 70's. There are many tasks that the elderly are capable of performing that don't require physical strength or mobility
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    I have never known anyone to wear these but I am wondering if these are good for all people. If your legs get tired would they help?
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    Define "elderly" Since AARP has been sending me stuff for the last 7+ years, I fear I may be elderly...in which case the only thing you need to keep on hand for me are plenty of GET OFF MY LAWN signs...other than that and my reading glasses, I'm good to go!

    Oh, if ya got one of them cool sheleighleigh looking walking sticks with a pop-out blade, I'll be happy to pretend I need it to walk with. :)
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    In Alaska, You are considered "Elderly" when the State issues you a "Lifetime Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping License" that is free.... The State figures at Age 60, you are "To Old" to affect the Fish & Game Population, in any significant way....
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    Now I resemble that !!!
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    Hate to sound old school tribal but when I cease to contribute and become more burden, I am not going to drag someone else down trying to carry my weight on top of their own load.
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    I didn't see anyone disagreeing with that philosophy.
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    IF YOUR LEGS SWELL after being up for a while..............they would help a lot
    try a pair "over the calf"
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    I'm never going to be elderly.... Just go into second childhood and plan to enjoy it as much as I can....
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