1st day off from work/have been workin' very HARD...

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by wildernessgal, Nov 18, 2007.

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    Yep last monday this S.A.H.M. (<--stay-at-home-mommy) headed into town to get a job to help out around here ... and that's what I did 1st thing monday mornin'/ended up starting work immediately ( since a local place was desperately in need of help/hiring). WOW WHAT A WEEK!!!! I've been waking up around 3:30 am and gettin' in around 5:00pm which doesn't leave me with much time to get things done around here... but I am so DETERMINED... There are so many things we "as a family" want to accomplish and (sad but true) they all cost $$MONEY$$. My new job is a "MANLY TYPE OF JOB" (the best that I could do) and my main work tools are a drill and etc. moving/working on heavy equipment... I've already lost 5 pounds as it's a pretty active job where you get quite a bit of EXCERCISE. Being a "TOMBOY" I'm ok with that.... I just have alot of trouble with being "STUCK INDOORS". Bah Humbug!?!?!? So every chance I get I am OUTSIDE on breaks/lunch enjoying the FRESH AIR & SUNSHINE! Mentally I can psyche myself out and do things I don't really want to do...as I am a pretty STRONG/VERSATILE/HARDWORKING person. This will be an interesting CHALLENGE.... but I've always loved a GOOD CHALLENGE anway! LOL I recall the old days of being self-employed (while living in Fl. prior to getting married) and having deadlines which HAD TO BE MET, where I worked through the wee hours of the night (never going home-staying at work through the night) just to get the job done! But anyway, REALITY has been rather annoying, since I thought that I was going to be SUPERWOMAN and get all of my other things done @ home as well! 2. (<--yeah right - sarcasm) When I get home, it's already getting dark, so there isn't much time to be out tending to "MY MOST FAVORITE THINGS". My hubbie & daughter have been doing alot for me "filling in the gaps", and daughter has taken over the greenhouse during the week (which is part of her homeschool experiment). When I get home we spend time working on her schoolwork, reading & etc and then after that, it's pretty much "time to go to bed!" Hubbie also works with daughter on her homeschool work during the day in between all that he's doing as well, so between the both of us, she's still accomplishing much. I guess I am just "TIRED" today, and wishing that I had more TIME to tend to the things that I LOVE! Oh well, sometimes you have to SACRIFICE ya know.... Hopefully we'll get closer to our goals and I won't have to be doing this for very long. I think the worst part about it is being around people who are so NEGATIVE & don't FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES! Most of these folk (fellow co-workers) seem so UNHAPPY, SELF-DESTRUCTIVE, and (ok I have to admit) BRAINDEAD.... like they can't "THINK" and have just settled for "being there forever"!?!?! Not me, I'm going on to "BIGGER & BETTER THINGS"... This is just a temporary "jumping off point" for now! 1. I could get into more details , but won't as I am outta here and don't want to waste the little free time which I actually have on this stupid computer.... I am heading out to the greenhouse, to check on all of my goodies, water them & etc... Also want to see/visit with all of our critters as I've missed them so much!!! I need to brush my fiber bunnies, harvest their fiber, clean there cages and get some homemade bread made for the week. Yep, (food is still so very important over here) and I've made sure that we still have "healthy homecooked meals " to eat no matter what!!! WE WILL NOT EAT CR*P!!!!!!
    Gotta scoot, take care everyone....
    ( A WOMAN on a MISSON...)

    P.S.- I think THE WORST THING (when I think about it - which most of the time I just don't go there) is the feeling of "going back to GRADE SCHOOL & being hated by the masses" (since I've always been different)... Yep, DEJA VU! When I walk around at work I smile @ folk and say "GOOD MORNING!" to everyone, but those people just HATE me.... as per ususal!?!?!?! The girls always hate me for "whatever reasons" and the guys.... Let's just say that I find them to be very ANNOYING/lacking RESPECT! Let's just say that "THIS IS A TEST!" I can overcome/take A LOT... but maybe, just maybe, I'll just end up breaking someone's nose!?!?!? Even though I am a very NICE PERSON, I guess that I STILL HAVE LOTS OF POTENTIAL!? LOL BTW, ALWAYS remember


    Yep, that's my motto... I will also use all of this CR*P (that I have to deal with on a daily basis in my new work surroundings) as INSPIRATION, to get where I/we want to be! 1.
    Bye bye y'all & if I am not on-line beforehand...


  2. Seacowboys

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    I don't know who made work such a necessary evil but few of us can escape it. I am awaiting flights back the Freeport even though I have enough accumulated time off to sit on my ass until February. It was certainly nice to spend a few evenings with my darling wife and the puppies.
  3. Tracy

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    I, too, have just added a job to my already full plate. I've taken a night/weekend job. It's not in my "area" of expertise - and the smaller pay reflects that - but I'm not too proud to do whatever it takes to help out the family.

    I refuse to quit homeschooling, so I've just decided that sleep is optional.

    Good luck with your job! Never mind those small-minded, back-stabbing women who don't understand self-sufficient, strong-willed girls. They'll never figure it out and will always "hate" you for your personal power.

    Just keep smiling and know that it's all worth it! I'm rootin' for ya'!

    T :)
  4. wildernessgal

    wildernessgal Backwoods is a callin'

    THANKS Tracy.... you don't know "how much it means" to hear that! :) The world is such a rough/hard place, and no WE SHALL NOT GIVE UP, NO MATTER WHAT!!!! I've never been one to give up... Daughter is making adjustments, and so far it seems to be working just fine. I kinda feel guilty for neglecting some things around our place (<--our house has become a huge mess 'cause cleaning up is no longer a PRIORITY lol), but "sometimes ya gotta do what you've gotta do" ya know! ;) Thanks for the "SUPPORT" & I am sending POSITIVE THOUGHTS your way & to anyone else who needs 'em!!!!! Sure hope that you have the HOLIDAYS off? If so, ENJOY !!!! :)

  5. wildernessgal

    wildernessgal Backwoods is a callin'

    Thanks for your comment SEACOWBOY. Over here we use to be so ahead, but after moving to a new place, starting a new business & etc. it takes time to get back to where you were, ya know?

    Glad to hear that you are squeezing in some "QUALITY-TIME"... those are the things which help ya to MAKE IT THROUGH IT ALL! :)

    (who can't wait to be back to the days when $$$ didn't matter as much...)
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