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    Well this was another boreing day of work at the convenience store but I did realize somethingwhile I was at work. A bunch of grade school kids came in unattended and were running around playing in the store and misbehaveing, the parents of at least a couple were standing outside. I knew if I told the kids to leave without them trying to steal something or destroy it that it would be problems from higher ups since the kidsoften have money to buy stuff so are paying customers to a point and if I scolded them then it would be a likely issue with parents for correcting the children they wont. I realized just how UNNATURAL unatended and poorly behaved children are.

    In any species other than human, if the young are not trained on how to act and the things to do and not do when on their own BEFORE being allowed to roam unatended the young pay the price, and generaly never make it to maturity. Among humans however it is common for the young to be turned loose without parents or their asistants watching over them. Nothing happens to the kids (in most cases) for misbehavior and if it dose, even in the sense of being verbaly scolded or told to leave or the child hurting themselves, then it is most often not the parents who take blame for it or the children but rather whatever adult was nearby when the kid hurt them selves and if an adult says much less dose anything to stop the children then they have to fear retribution from angry parents or even the law.

    Like I say, it was a BOREING day and had to much time on my hands to ponder such things.
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    Life is going on. I m still seriously PISSED at the hospital and 911 service and their combine incompitence but posted it largely in hopes that some would realize the need to be prepaired for such things and that you can EVER count on help to arive when needed and so have to be prepaired to deal with emergencies on your own.
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