2-3-4 May gathering by the range

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    Finally got here and the weather is going to be fantastic. No rain and warm days. looking for a super weekend. Hope some can make it from the monkey. 4-H Camp Millstone near Ellerbe, NC again. You can access their web pages for directions/info. We will be camping by the lake front just across the foot bridge from the ranges.
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    If I still had the place out in Hope Mills.... I would be there in a minute... have a great gathering!!!
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    Good to hear from you YD, may even brave the waters and take a dip over by the sand bar. That lake is notoriously cold even in July. Ready to head over in the little camper. Moma likes her little home away from home. Taking my hammock so I can enjoy the fresh Pine scented air.
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    We are going to need pix ---
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    Now you tell me----just got in and unloaded. Had a wonderful time putting little holes in things, eating, BS'ing, eating, seeing experienced hands show real world first aid, eating, sitting around the tables, reloading, did I mention eating---lol. F....... brought home made brownies/ cake and it failed to leave Sunday--lol. G...... learned to snap shoot and said.." I can hit better that way than aiming". The kids and young at heart hit the waters, paddle boards, kayaks, and canoes---and you know someone got dunked--so some just went swimming--lol. Had a "round robin" type chapel Sunday morn right after--you guessed it---eating. Really had a great time and just wished more could have made it. Sat. was full but many had to leave that evening. The rabbit J...dispatched/cleaned was the main course for a delicious stew in a Dutch Oven along with F....... meat flavored beans and C......s corn bread.
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  6. kellory

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    Sounds like fun all round.
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