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    Well, today I had to work at the stor but to make mix things up a bit they decided that they would have me open the store today (getting there in time to open the doors at 6 AM) as opposed to my usual shift of closeing at 11 PM and wraping stuff up. While I can aclimate myself to mornings/days, I tend to be more of a night person and really dislike haveing to do early mornings when Im on a normal schedule of evening/night stuff. I came home and slept most of the evening getting back on schedule so can close the store tomorrow.

    Ive kind of started to get cabin fever now with all the cold weather we havebeen haveing lately, high for the week will be 40 and most of the days nothing above mid 20s with lows in the single didgets. I'm ready for spring and being able to get the garden in, have the goats kidding, and all that cool stuff. In the mean time I still need to get out later this week and cut and split more wood since we have gone through most of what we have on hand. We just cut almost 1/2 a cord about 3 weeks ago and it is almost gone already. Well at least will have plenty to keep busy waiting for the grass to green up.
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