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    Well got up today and had to go to town to get our propane tank refilled. We have one of the 100 lbs tanks that we use then keep a couple of the 20 lbs grill size bottles on had to use between it running empty and getting it filled. Today there was an added little problem though, I have 2 trucks but the motor is locked up on 1 and the transmission is out on the other. So had to stuff the tank in the back seat of the little K car to haul it.

    These tanks are about 4' tall and about 18" across and weigh about 90 lbs empty. Well when I got there I found out that they are not allowed to let you haul it off the property on its side. Well, we were out and dont have a truck, so with a little talking I convinced the guy to sell it to me with the stipulation that I would CARRY it off the property upright so that it would not be their responsibility as to how it was hauled/loaded from there.

    So got it payed for and filled, with 100 lbs of propane, which put the thing up around 200 lbs then got to carry the thing about 50 yards so it was past their gates so I could pull the car over and load it into the back seat to get it home.

    Once I got it unloaded and came in got a call from my dad and he is going to head down tomorrow so we can go pick up a couple loads of wood, some for him and some for us, so after got off the phone with him then I got on the computer and found a better program and FINALY got the taxes figured up and sent off.

    Lessons learned today; full propane tanks are heavy and a real pain in the ass to try to carry and taxes suck but if one program dont work, find one that dose.
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