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    As I sit here on the first day of 2017 having been laid off for the first time in my life, I reflect on the unfinished things from 2016 and the goals for the new year. I still need to rework my well piping, finish out the solar, and finish a lot of organizing.
    So I thought I would start a thread for us Monkeys about our goals for 2017 that maybe we can look back at on the first day of 2018. Here is my short list:
    Build a new ham shack devoted to only radio and computers
    Build my supplies to two years
    Make eyeball contact with some other preppers. Always been against my better judgement, but
    now I'm thinking of the gains rather than the possible hazards.
    Get my cash built back up, and buy more junk silver
    A much larger garden

    These are my 5 primary 2017 goals, anyone else?
  2. Motomom34

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    Learning to say NO more often. Not my problem is something I am not good at. I doubt I can change that behavior but I can try.

    Settling things, getting refocused and start camping on weekends are my goals.
  3. SB21

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    These are goals I should put in motion myself. It seems we may have some of the same personal qualities .
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  4. Yard Dart

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    Similar situation here with the wife loosing her job 2 weeks before xmas after years of success. She is trying to figure out what she wants to do moving forward.....but the slate is clean and wide open for new adventures and business opportunities. Keeping a positive mindset is key...and easier said then done of course.


    Goals for the year include starting a new business, enhancing our food stocks and getting more training courses/certifications such as HAM, first-aid/CPR renewal and so on. I took the wife down to the county on Friday and she finally submitted her conceal carry paperwork. She opened her eyes this fall to the prepping lifestyle and is now trying to learn. :)
  5. Altoidfishfins

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    1. Retirement - After 46 years, sick of working for others, and of late putting up with all the political correctness that has infested the workplace like a herd of cockroaches. I want my efforts to directly benefit my wife and I.

    2. Acquire an HF HAM rig. Already have the lic.

    3. Continue to develop the BOL as a residence.

    4. Already enhanced food stores to the point where there is no more storage (10 x 13 area full). Build more storage at BOL, preferably underground with a heavy steel door, and continue to increase.

    5. Get back into deer hunting and begin elk hunting. Maybe Javelina too, but that's a distant third. With retirement adequate time should be available for scouting, hunting, etc., without having to worry about being back to work.
  6. Pax Mentis

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    Spend more time on the road with my dog and figure out if I really want to entirely "abandon" the home base in Oregon and become an ID/WY Summer and AZ/TX Winter snowbird. Transferred ownership of the Oregon home property to my son and my prepping partner in '16 so I am officially homeless (sorta).

    Mostly, as of now I still hope to be here in a year deciding what I will do in '18.
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  7. Bandit99

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    Build green house
    Take my General Ham exam
    Start running again
    Wire the house for generator
    Clear as much of the property as possible in March and April before fire season
    Try to come up with a solution to cover the deck
    Try my hand at writing
  8. Sgt Nambu

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    Please expand the above post to see my reply! Stupid, danged computer! :(

    Oh yeah, I forgot, I want to add more layers of reinforcements to the back door.
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  9. Mountain mama

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    Main goal for this year is to get a buried 1000 gallon propane tank. Other than that, rebrick the firebox in the old wood cook stove in the outdoor kitchen/wash house, plant my garden, can my veggies, and continue to add to my preps.
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