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    aardbewoner judge a human on how he act,not on look and talk.

    Distributions i use every day. No WC here !
    As i make music i use AVLinux AV Linux based on debian 9.
    Works out of the box and the maintainer is a musician.
    Other for music is http://kxstudio.linuxaudio.org/ kxsutio working to make it on ubuntu 18.04 problem is the kde neon is not yet ready .

    Other great one that i install with everybody else and myself use is mx linux MX Linux | MX Community Its a universal system that works for the noob and for the expert. MX 17 is based on debian 9 strech and has many programs in his repos that work.
    The give special attention to wi-fi and have many working.Great universal one. Its also a distribution that can run (albeit slow) from a usb stick and store data back to the stick !
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    Windows being a control freak and deciding updates so you cannot switch off and it is never ending upgrades for holes and problems within its code. I also refuse to support someone that want to kill off most of the world Bill Gates is a proud member of Agenda 21

    I run a number of Linux versions currently my desktop is using MX Linux 17.1 64 bit offshoot of AntiX and Mspis work.
    using Debian stable 9.4 w/ Xfce, this OS smokes comes with all the bells and whistles. very svelte not like some others that barley fit on a DVD. I like that it connects seamlessly to all my wireless devices .
    I especially push LIVE Linux Distro's boot and test them or use them as a stealth system. because it is always a bummer to install and find it does not support you sound or onboard NIC or other issue. It is important to note to use recent versions as there have been a few viruses and malware that could attack an older Kernel and get at the BIO's there are patches that will install from the get menu.

    a number of notebooks running different Linux versions from Slax to Xenialpup and LinuxLite I have probably tried all the over 100 mainstream versions of Linux and by far these are my favorites.

    It is a personal consideration not to use Russian or Chinese originating versions because of possible embedded snitchware or other nasty code that may be waiting in the background, this has been proven with cell phones that have been found to have spyware installed from the factory.
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