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    Was re-reading Barry Eisler's book, The Graveyard of Memories, and looked through the acknowledgements for the first time. Saw a bunch of good stuff, including this link to a video on the Tueller Drill. For those not familiar, this has been out for quite some time and the police have used this as part of their training. The premise is that a skilled knife wielder can get to someone armed with a handgun within 21 feet before the can successfully draw and use their weapon.

    Many years ago, I saw a police training video where only one out of the lot of police officers was successful in drawing and using his firearm before getting "killed." Most of the rest were "killed" before they could even draw.

    There are a lot of different ways to evade and defend yourself. A basic way is to just move offline of the attack to buy yourself some time. In the police video (you may be able to find it is you care to look, although I think I saw it on TV before youtube), the lone success did that, if I recall correctly. Most of the rest stood their ground and tried to draw.

    Anyway, the video in Eisler's book (I highly recommend his John Rain series) is here:

    And I was pleasantly surprised to see Michael Janich in it. I have had the privilege of training with him in years past. He is the real deal. Especially with a knife! And I am happy that training was pleasant and he never tried to put the hurt on me. Because then, I would be hurt. He actually helped me quite a bit. Also, saw that he has a series on TV. I think it is called something like "The Best Defense." Accidentally stumbled upon an episode of that one time.

    Michael Janich is a bad man. But a good man. It's been many years since I have last seen him. And he still looks the same.
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    Excellent training! Wes Hardin, Ben Thompson and a few others utilized dynamic movement and head shots to solve the tactical problem at hand, and to very good effect. I'm glad to see this type of training becoming mainstream.

    The last time I was "interviewed" for a mugging was similar to the senario shown. A younger street person looking guy saw me loading groceries into my truck and started making the semicircular approach that predators are fond of using. I was alert and noticed him as he left his group (some of them telling him not to try it). As he approached, I made eye contact and stopped what I was doing. He stuck his right hand into his pocked and started asking for a light. Told him I didn't smoke. He continued his approach with " Hey, I just need a light". I responded with "I don't have anything you want" several times and put my hand on my pistol and used a few potty words so he could understand I was serious.

    He backed away apologizing profusely and returned to his group that began laughing at him and saying things like "I told you to leave those old REDS alone! They'll kill you and the cops will give 'em more ammunition!".

    The Walmart in San Marcos Texas can be dangerous at night, especially when the Camp Gary hoodrats are out and about.

    A cane and knife is good to have also.

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    I love it! What a perfectly delightful post. You handled it right, and it worked out right.
    Kudos for you.

    People don't ask me for a light, generally speaking, since my whole head looks grumpy.
    If someone does, though, and starts getting pushy, I think a good reply is:
    "So go get one from somebody that gives a s**t!"

    Of course, I have trouble saying **, so, since I'm a nice guy, I just say "hi" instead.
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    We did this drill in Michigan Militia training and the drill is fact. We had a guy who was a special forces member and he used a rubber knife. We all had unloaded handguns and he just walked around among us and at any time he would just pick one of us and attack. Not one guy got to his gun before they were cut to ribbons so to speak. We even knew he was there and knew he was going to attack one of us. Imagine if he was just some guy on the street with a knife in his pocket?? We were taught to instead evade or fight hand to hand and disarm the man with the knife. If you could put a tree between you and him you had more time to draw and fire. Doors, walls, cars etc. are all things that can be used to evade a knife wielding attacker. But the truth is if he is within 21 feet and has decided to stick you you will not draw and stop him before he does.
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