32 Survival Skills Your Child Should Know and Be Able to Do

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    They say the children are our future, so we need to start teaching them young. With being preppers we place importance on skills. Please remember if we get hurt, it will be the children taking care of us and keeping things going if society collapses. So this list is a great place to start. But please note, not only do the children need to know these skills, we do also.

    32 Survival Skills Your Child Should Know and Be Able to Do ASAP

    32 Survival Skills Your Child Should Know and Be Able to Do ASAP! - Survival Mom

    Please follow the link they have a few other list for children-
    32 Basic Survival Skills for Kids
    32 Mental and Urban Survival Skills for Kids
    32 Wilderness Survival Skills for Kids

    Summer is almost here and these will be fun lists to start going over, practicing and maybe adding to. So far I don't see any holes in the need to know category but maybe will think of something later.
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    Great post Moto!! We should #1, strive to ensure our children benefit and learn from our knowledge.... so they can carry the family torch into the future, regardless of what may hit the fan!!
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    good post
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    Ditto on the Great Post post. U be good!
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    What I find interesting is I posted two threads last night. The 10 commandments of a campfire and this one. The campfire thread has more views, posts and likes. Children are the future, maybe the lists above covers it all. I know the list generated some conversation with my kid. It certainly got him thinking.
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    We are teaching the grand kids. My daughter has no interest and my son has already learned what he needs.
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    Three of the most important survival skills: A child should always know how to avoid panic, when to run, and how to hide.

    Kids should also be taught Japanese lashing, right along with basic knots.
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    1. Think before you speak.
    both publicly, and privately .always be honest. always.
    Some things need to remain secret . not every thing, is any one else's business.
    Not every one in the world is looking out for your best interest .

    2. Information and skills are the edge to survival in all life not just when things appear to go bad.

    3. be kind, but don't be careless, if it feels like a trap it probably is.
    There are friendly people, but those that appear to be generous without getting to know you, likely have a hidden agenda.

    4. Learn to recognize and know the difference between predators and passive .
    Predators like lions or bear or wicked men are opportunists, that set traps and ambush either economically or emotionally or figuratively or literally .
    And if you are careless will consume you.
    An elk is not a predator ,but you don't want to anger one or corner it , you may loose.
    So you don't need to be a predator to survive but you must demand like the elk, respect.
    The elk runs for strength, and grows antlers for defense fighting skills, not to bully, but to be a serious deterrent to those that do .

    5. Life is not fair, in spite of all one's best efforts things can still go wrong, How one comes through those events proves the metal a man/person is made of.

    6. Learn to be observant , study people and human nature animals and animal nature the more people there are the more important it is to be the sharper person, and maintain that sharpness, it will always pay off .
    Learn from the mistakes of others, rather then having to learn them the hard way your self .
    All to often people think they are the exception and try to prove they are better competitively injuring them selves just as their friends did. Think long and hard before attempting to mimic some one else's failure.
    Drugs and alcohol are not food, and though the false feeling or lack there of seems beneficial, loosing brain cells is NOT.

    7. Be aware of your environment no matter where it is, even your own bed room .
    Play the game , what item is moved, what color is the chair and so on. develop the skills of remembering the lay out of the place and how many are there ,what they are wearing and so on. My brother and I would play the game hiding something in plain sight.
    Orientation is an important skill ,knowing where you are in public or in unusual environments .knowing how to read a map even accurately draw one so as to give direction for some one else to fallow. Learn map and compass.

    8. Basic first aid both academics and regular practice.
    After I learned how to clean fish and dress small game, the sight of blood did not bother me so much
    There are volumes of books on the subject and the sooner the better.

    9. Know where your food comes from, and how it's processed to make it eatable, learn to cook. Kitchen safety and related issues.
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    By the time I got around to teaching my son, he already knew everything. Then he became a Marine and confirmed it. My daughter on the other hand, just buys what she needs. If there is a catastrophe, I fear for her...
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