4 Preps That Are More Important Than a Bug-out Bag

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    I saw this article on another site. Nice basic view, almost in the steps one should prep. I know (myself included) when people start prepping, they focus on the BOB. Looking back, I should have concentrated at bugging in first then expand.

    4 Preps That Are More Important Than a Bug-out Bag

    4 Preps More Important Than a Bugout Bag - Smart Prepper Gear
    Please follow link for the other 3 important preps.
  2. Great article. Regarding the get home bag, I think getting into the best shape via cycling is the easiest. In that case, it's a backpack.
    We plan on cycling most everywhere and are considering this into our new move. So far, Bikes do not contain tracking devices like most newer cars do.
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    If you do NOT want them to use the Tracking Device, all you need to do is Cut the Antenna Wire at the BlackBox. This will disable ALL the Cellular Features of the Vehicle. It may, or May NOT. disable the Navigation Features (GPS) if the Maps are coming in on the Cellular Connection, and they use a different Antenna for the GPS... If you try and disconnect the Black Box, the vehicle likely will NOT Run, due to the Black Box being tied into the Vehicles OS, but lack of Cellular Signal, will NOT cause the OS to die....;
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  4. Thank you BTPost! I'll pass this onto my husband so he can take care of our current vehicle. To boot, it is Onstar equipped. We inherited it.

    We are preparing to live as anonymously as possible, maybe totally off grid in an unpermitted home. Before we move, we are buying an older vehicle to ensure we aren't being tracked. My husband is a good mechanic though it isn't his occupation
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    Some things the author didn't address were that there may be times when you have to Bug Out. Like an Earth Quake, Tsunami, Flood, Forest Fire, or Civil Unrest which could necessitate your evacuation.

    The Get Home Bag is a must for anyone who works or is away from home and an absolute necessity. For me, it should include spare glasses (if needed), medications (if needed), minor medical supplies, a water bottle, high energy bars, a durable poncho or at least a 30 gallon black plastic contractors garbage bag, and a FRS/GMRS walkie talkie with decent range to augment your cell phone.
  6. chimo

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    The beauty of a bike is that you can pack things ON the bike, instead of just on your back. Before I got my Big Dummy (where the wife and I can just throw our Go bags and more into the panniers), we used to keep a set of combo backpack/panniers as our BOBs. That way I would be carrying the essentials for both my wife and I on my bike, leaving her's free of weight...but still able to carry additional bags as well. We could still carry even more on our backs, if need be...but we opt for travelling light and fast, rather than loaded down like we used to do when we did cross-country touring. The beauty of the backpack/pannier combos is that, if for some reason we need to abandon the bikes, we just grab the panniers, convert them to backpacks, and hoof it on our merry way. I still use a my backpack/pannier for our normal rec rides on my xcross bike...because you never know when you're gonna have to hoof it. ;)
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  7. Wonderful Chimo! For the sake of others, I just called it a backpack but shoud've referred to it properly.
    I honestly think if people could just get in better physical shape, buy a quality bicycle, their chances of survival are much greater. And be prepared as much as possible like joining these sites to learn. We have a long way to go but are getting there
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  8. UncleMorgan

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    It doesn't matter if it's a BOB, GHB, an INCH bag, or even a load of bush survival or E&E gear, sometimes it's nice to have wheels.

    If you are not military fit ( and almost none of us older types are) a set of wheels can be crucial to the simple process of getting anywhere at all in time.

    If you are military fit, wheels will help you get your gear and yourself from Point A to Point B faster and will help you get there fully fit to fight. So they're a good thing to have for everyone.

    I'm not talking about a vehicle, or even a bicycle. I'm talking about wheels for your gear.

    There's a good reason they put those little rollie-wheels on luggage. When the floor is flat, it's a lot easier to pull your luggage than to carry it.

    Those little rollie-wheels are great for the concourses in airports and the halls in hotels, but they don't work worth a hoot on rough surfaces.

    So, you really just need bigger wheels.

    Some people suggest game carts because they can haul a lot of weight even in rough terrain. But those bad boys are expensive, and actually a little limited in comparison to the much cheaper alternative.

    Sing "Hi, HO!" and praise the humble golf bag carrier.

    Two (or three) large, wide, wheels with adjustable track width. Convenient handle for pushing or pulling. Collapsible, so they pack small. They'll carry a lot more weight than the average game cart, and you can buy them used in thrift stores for $3-$5 each.

    Just stack & strap your gear on and you're ready to go.

    I have one from the 1950's that's still rock solid and 100% functional.

    A bicycle is more efficient than walking. A cart is more efficient than carrying. And you can combine the two, because a golf carrier can be turned into a bike trailer with astonishing ease.

    Anything that expedites your ability to travel increases your chances of survival.
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    With a bicycle you can always attach one of the baby carriers. They usually hold two kids comfortably so you can pack quite a bit in there for hauling
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  10. Tempstar

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    Excellent on the golf tote! I know in my AO roads would be a no-no.
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  11. arleigh

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    Actually a bicycle trailer to tow for kids is more practical to cary gear then adding weight higher center of gravity.
    They are cheap and fold up well for storage and you don't need a bike necessarily to pull it behind you.
    If there is an EMP there will be literally millions of people on foot leaving dead cars behind and heading home or to safety .
    immagine having been grocery shopping and the EMP hits will you leave all those groceries behind ?
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    I was going to make a wheeled bug-out gear carrying suggestion.....but Gunkid doesn't need any encouragement! :eek:
  13. arleigh

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    I built a unit that assembles as needed, using steel conduit and awning joints ,that can be gotten at a hardware store ,and an old wheel chair w/solid rubber tires.
    The only special potion is the attachment for the wheels the rest is random assembly .
    I can configure it tall or long ,single compartment to separate compartments. even restructured to make a dwelling framework if there are no natural materials .This unit will handle 400 lbs .
    I've loaded it, and pulled, and pushed it all around the property with ease. With any thing your pulling in unknown territory ,having brakes and ropes are a must .
    I'll down load a picture later
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