4 uniformed cops killed in coffee shop ambush

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Nov 29, 2009.

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    washington (state):

    4 police officers shot dead at Wash. coffeehouse

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    <!-- end .related-media --> <cite class="vcard"> By GENE JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer Gene Johnson, Associated Press Writer </cite> – <abbr title="2009-11-29T12:42:09-0800" class="recenttimedate">4 mins ago</abbr>
    <!-- end .byline --> PARKLAND, Wash. – A gunman burst into a coffeehouse Sunday and opened fire on four police officers as they sat working on their laptops, killing the three men and one woman in what an official described as a targeted ambush.
    Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer said officers were looking for one male suspect who fled the scene and haven't ruled out an accomplice, possibly a getaway driver.
    It wasn't clear whether the officers even had time to draw their weapons to return fire, Troyer said.
    "This was more of an execution. Walk in with the specific mindset to shoot police officers," Troyer said.

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    All matter is never destroyed; it is merely converted into another form of energy.

    African children, the poor who starve daily, thousands of brutally murdered women, children, and men every minute of every hour in every day for every year - and even the cop on the street or in the parlor - what is the price of a life?

    Is one life "better" than another? Does a uniform make him more noble or just? Is the amount of suffering the deciding factor in our determination of how much we should grieve over their passing? Shall we forever measure our time in this amazing existence by the death...and mark our time, separated by wars?

    4 more deaths in a world full of life.
  4. Tracy

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    No better. But lives lost - any lives lost - are mourned by others. When lives are lost suddenly or tragically, it draws attention to those who might not have otherwise so much as caught your eye in a crowd.

    The dirt bag that carried out this crime was shot and killed early this morning.

    Five less lives in a world full.
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