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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by CATO, Feb 1, 2013.

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    Oy Vey!! 10 years supply of matzo bread and tinned gefilte fish??? Who can live a week without a bacon kreplach???
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    No Survival Mom on that list. They occasionally have a fun article or so. Also, unsure if you all knew the abc bunch were collecting isp's from one of the sites listed. Make sure your computer doesn't accept 3rd party cookies. It is not total protection but it helps.
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    ??? o_O You musta missed #3, eh?
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    How did I miss that? I swear I read the whole list... I was a towhead when I was young & I still have moments... Boy do I feel dumb!
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    What Chello no Vegamite?
  10. chelloveck

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    The Rabbi said that vegemite is acceptable, provided that it had kashrut certification, so long as it was manufactured after 2010, and it isn't consumed during Pesach. Although a jar of Vegemite may not look like a loaf of leavened bread...it contains the product of fermented grain which the pharisaic nit pickers count as as leavened bread! Oy vei!! That a poor schlemiel should be beaten about the head because he's accused of spreading leavened "bread" between his slices of unleavened bread???...Let the Rabbi try baking vegemite in an oven... and see if it turns into a soft fluffy bagel...I'll eat my tuchus!

    With Vegemite, less is more...and as Vegemite is no longer Australian owned! (It's now owned by Kraft Foods The Ozemite Story)...I tend not to buy it. I would store Ozemite as a substitute for Vegemite... but only if I see the K for kashrut logo on the jar....K for Kraft does not count!
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