5.11 Boots?

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by BenP, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. BenP

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    I need to purchase some new boots, I destroy a pair of cheap Walmart boots every year or two and go get a new pair when my feet hurt too bad to walk anymore. I have been looking at some 5.11 boots on fleebay, does anyone have any experience with them?
  2. Altoidfishfins

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    Nope, Not me.
    I got tired of the WalMart boots and bought a pair at Big 5. Forgot the brand, but they're much more comfortable and I no longer have problems with foot pain. Of course, they were about twice the money, but for the comfort and added ankle support, worth it.

    Update, the brand is Hi-Tec. Sounds cheesy, never heard of it before, but they fit me better. I'll see how long they last.
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  3. Merkun

    Merkun furious dreamer

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  4. BTPost

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    I buy Danner Boots
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  5. Bandit99

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    Redwings. I love them. I doubt I will ever buy anything else and they last.
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  6. 3M-TA3

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    I'd buy Danners, too, if they made any wide enough for my feet. I'd definitely get one with a Norwegian welt so they could be resoled. I loved my Mountain Lights years ago.
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  7. Ura-Ki

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    Danner have long been the standard for the PNW.......But, Korker are the Gold Standard! RedWings are also a top of the line boot, but any of the three are going to cost you! I have found that they all last about the same, with hard use and abuse, about 2 years before the sole needs replaced. with certain Danner's thats only a matter of stopping in to the factory and having them re done, for the others, we have Al's boot shop in Portland that does a great job re-soling the boots, including upgrades if needed.

    FYI, Korker no longer makes "Work" boots, instead they do ether Winter or Fishing, with the Fishing being the better for every day use, though NOT WATER PROOF! ( they are meant to be soaked clear through) worn over a pair of sock foot waders! the Winter grade are super warm, but you will sweat in the heat!

    For the most hard core all season mud, snow, water, NASTY, nothing beats a pair of Matterhorns! Though these are 'Spensive!
    For hard core winter wear and maximum heat and traction, Salewa are impossible to beat, I have the same two pairs I bought 10 years ago, and they are still like brand new!
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  8. snake6264

    snake6264 Combat flip flop douchebag

    Been wearing my 5.11's for some time with superfeet insoles no issues at all paracord laces good to go
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  9. Motomom34

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    I have a pair of 5.11 boots. Women's A.T.A.C.® 8" Boot They were a hand me down and barely worn. These are the best boots I have ever worn. My feet are comfortable and my ankles feel secure. They do not feet clunky and I hate wearing shoes but the 5.11's get a thumbs up from me.
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  10. NVBeav

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    I've had some weird foot issues for a couple years; recently tried Keen hiking shoes with reasonable success. Almost bought some Merrell Moab Rover Mid boots, but the store didn't have my exact size and I needed something right away.

    The other thing to try is cut-to-fit insole pads. They've worked well in the past, but they're not cheap for good ones. Buying shoes is kind of like buying holsters - I wasted a bunch of money on cheap crap, then bought mid-priced stuff that's never had need for replacement.
  11. Andy the Aussie

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    Danner, Red Wing, Lowa and Zamberlan have been my go to boots for the outdoors. I wear Bates ICBs daily and get about three years before they need a new sole. They are worth redoing except my last pair that were too scuffed up to pass a uniform inspection. HiTec are issue and I wore them for years before. They are OK but don't last if in a wet outdoor environment.
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  12. Godzilla

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    I have a couple pair of them/different styles. All have held up well and have been good around the farm and at work although one of the mil spec pairs were a bit heavy.

    Just a warning on Georgia Boots.
    I bought a pair of the 8" logger steel toed boots in November and use them on the farm about 5 times when the lace rivet popped out. Kinda pricey so I took them back and they did not want to replace them. Called Georgia Boots myself and they said I had to send them in to evaluate. I asked if they could just send me a rivet and they said no.
    Never got them back and I am out $175.
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  13. Brokor

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    Dude, that's not good for your feet. Maybe a decade down the road, you're gonna hate yourself.
    Get some quality boots with a stitched sole and solid support, high quality leather construction.
    Lots to choose from out there. If you spend money on one item, make it your boots!
    (tactical boots don't offer the support you need.)
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  14. BenP

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    I ended up buying the 5.11 XPRT boots and they are amazing so far.
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  15. Godzilla

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    I used to buy a bunch of my boots from LAPOLICEGEAR.COM until they changed their website. They have clearances from time to time and I have gotten some really nice boots for 50 bucks. You just have to keep checks a few sites and play the waiting game while hoping your size is left:)
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