5.11 Rush 72 Backpack: Yea, or Nay?

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by hollisticprepper, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. Greeetings to all of my fellow monkeys,

    I was wondering what you guys thought of the 5.11 Rush 72 backpack. I'm considering getting my hands on one, but I wnated to make sure that I wouldn't be wasting money on something that looks good, but turns out to be crap. Thank you for your assistance.

    Your fellow monkey,

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  2. Gesko

    Gesko Monkey+

    I've been looking into this one too, so far i haven't really heard anything bad about it. The only "disadvantage" it has are those tiny little holes at the bottom, which are supposed to let water out if a bottle or whatever ever leaks in it, but it also works the other way around apparently. Set it down in some muddy ground and you get water in it. should be easily fixable though with clogging those holes up. Hope someone here has some first hand experience though and can give some input
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  3. oldawg

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    Leave drainage holes open. Yes water can get in if you park it in a puddle. Remember, packs aren't waterPROOF just water resistant. Packs need a way to drain as well as let air circulate to help against mold and mildew. If things need more protection use dry sacks or ziplock bags. Also invest in a decent pack cover for wet conditions.
  4. Yard Dart

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    I don't have one of these types of packs so I can not comment on it. I would provide this simple advice though. Always pack your clothes and other items you do not want wet inside a water proof pack liner and you will never have any issues with setting the pack down in mud or whatever. As long as the liner remains serviceable of course it will keep the important stuff dry. Packing your items in this manner also allows you to use the pack as a flotation device during water crossings. Keep warm and stay dry ;)
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  5. NotSoSneaky

    NotSoSneaky former supporter

    Personally I'm not a fan of "tactical backpacks" no matter how practical one may perceive they are. Its my opinion they may attract unwanted attention from a variety of sources. I'd rather (and do) use rucksacks or internal frame backpacks in neutral colors which blend in with the terrain in my location.

    Opinions vary and mine is worth what you paid for it. [tongue]
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  6. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    One solution I recommend is using a U.S. Military waterproof bag issued to troops until recently.
    Typically, you can get these at any Army/Navy store in America, or they can order them for you. Additionally, you could shop for them online, but I would not pay more than $5.00 each. They really are rugged and truly waterproof, and have a string to tie closed -nothing fancy, just functional. These bags come in handy for packs without a waterproof interior, and can also provide you with the ability to pull out what you need without emptying the entire pack.

    Let's take a look at the 5.11 Rush 72 Hr pack:

    • Fabric/Nylon
    • Large, external shove-it pocket, Top exterior crescent-shaped organization pocket, two exterior, side, gusseted zippered pockets
    • 1050D nylon with water-repellent PUx2 coating on main body, 210D 118T water-repellent PUx2 coating on inside pocket flaps and pocket bags
    • Closed-cell foam back padded hydration pocket with two back-to-back zippered pull tabs
    • Top, quick-access non-scratching fleece-lined sunglass pocket
    • Generous web-platform on three sides with additional attachment points
    • Dual-zippered front and main compartments with molded grip pulls
    • 2894 cu in, 47.5 liter capacity
    • Integrated drainage grommet
    • Colors: black, dark earth, double tap, multicam, OD, sandstorm, storm gray
    • Dimensions: 8 x 23 x 15 inches ; 4.8 pounds
    Price: Around $135.00 or more

    The Rush 5.11 72 hour pack appears to have many of the attributes required, namely its rugged nylon Cordura construction, YKK zippers and integrated hydration compatibility. The price has dropped significantly, originally listed MSRP near $200.00, also making it affordable and keeping it at about the same price as competitive packs of its class. I have experience with several types of packs in this class, and generally the $100.00 to $130.00 price range is expected for a bag with these features. It has all the markings of a quality pack, and receives the highest reviews from (sensible) buyers as far as I can tell. Essentially, you can't go wrong with this pack unless you are only looking for one to use for airsoft, in which case I recommend a less expensive alternative like VooDoo Tactical.
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  7. Yard Dart

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    These are the type of liners I use as well..... they handle abuse very well and are reasonably thick for a waterproof bag. Some civi brands are really thin... and the first time you fall on your ruck they can rupture. If you do go to an Army/Navy store and look at these bags. Make sure to open it up and inspect them for pin holes. The interior is black.... so it is really easy to identify a bad bag by holding it up towards a light and look into the bag for light coming through.
  8. natshare

    natshare Monkey+++

    I have some 5.11 packs, that I use for travel. They're practically airline proof, though my biggest one is the Rush 24, which is just small enough to still qualify as a carry-on bag (the 72 really isn't, though you'd probably still get away with it, if you don't over-stuff it). They are a quality bag, with a lifetime guarantee, and well worth the money.
    If you're not in a huge hurry to buy one, hollisticprepper, I'd suggest checking out a website called Dvor.com. They're an offshoot company of Optics Planet, and occasionally put 5.11 bags on special there. You'll still pay full price for the bag (plus $9.99 flat rate shipping, unless they're running a free shipping weekend in conjunction with the sale), but they'll give you some credit toward a future sale (credit is given ~10 business days after the bag ships, so they're sure you have it, and not returning it right away). That way, you could possibly get something else, down the road, basically for "free", with that credit. They also typically give you $5 credit on the anniversary of your joining, and $5 credit for your birthday, too. I've purchased most of my 5.11 bags through them, and recommend your checking it out.

    As NotSoSneaky pointed out, however, if you're looking to blend in to your environment, a tactical bag is probably not the best way to do so. While 5.11 does offer their bags in Multicam, you're also going to pay a premium for that pattern, as that pattern is patented, and the patent holder charges a premium to anyone who wants to use it. Instead, you might want to check the thread on the USMC Marpat bags, which can be found cheaper than the 5.11 bags, and I believe are larger volume than even the Rush 72 bag. 5.11 also offers the Rush 72 bag in "Realtree" pattern now, I see, though you're also paying a big premium for that bag!

    Oh, and if you don't want to mess around with Dvor, or other resellers, 5.11 Tactical is currently offering 20% off their bags, on their website, which brings that Rush 72 bag from ~$170, down to ~$136 (plus shipping). (y)
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  9. natshare

    natshare Monkey+++

    FYI, as I mentioned above, the Dvor website just put the Rush 72 (and some other packs and bags) on "sale" (regular price, with a healthy store credit given ~10 days after the item ships). Their price is $169.99, plus $9.99 shipping, with $70 credit later. Pretty sure you'd have a tough time finding the bag for that value, anywhere else.

    Available in black and sandstone (tan) colors.

    5.11 RUSH 72 VTAC Backpack 58602 FIV58602328, 58602-131-1 SZ, 58602-019-1 SZ, 58602-188-1 SZ. 5.11 Tactical Backpacks.
  10. When I first went for a bug out bag I did a ton of research and kept coming back to the Rush 72 because of its size, durability and good reviews. I got it, and loved the hell out of the organization - the pockets and everything are just great and the size is perfect for what I wanted. But, loaded down, the straps killed my neck and shoulder area, and the length of the padded part of the strap wasn't long enough so where it attaches to buckles dug right into my ribcage anytime that I moved my arms. And as much as I absolutely loved the pack, I couldn't accept that level of uncomfortability in any type of situation but definitely not a SHTF situation which I was wanting the bag for. I'm 5'11 and 175 pounds by the way. I've read alot about this and many say the pack isn't good for certain heights. So I would do some research on thag first. Otherwise I loved the pack. I ended up with a Condor 3 day Assault Pack and it is much more comfortable although the organization and pockets isn't as good and neither is the quality but I love the pack and it's half the price of the Rush 72.
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  11. Raven33

    Raven33 Neophyte Monkey

    I have the Rush 12, perfect size for EDC and day hikes. Very good quality bag. The Rush 24 is obviously bigger, but the Rush 72 is huge.
  12. The Rush 72 is certainly big. For an EDC I was wanting to get the Rush 12 or 24 but they seem to have those same molded straps, and when weight is added I'm assuming they will cut into my neck just as the Rush 72 did. I really wish 5.11 would consider redesigning the comfort aspect (shoulder straps, waist belt, sternum strap etc) from that molded form that seems to be shaped for a very small neck to a system where the straps were not molded like that, were longer and possibly thinner (don't know if this would help) as I really love these backpacks for their quality and organization.
  13. gunbunny

    gunbunny Never Trust A Bunny

    I have a Rush24 pack that I've used day in and day out for the last five years. Mostly to carry my lunch and workout clothes to and from work, then later on to carry all of my college books (they weight a ton).

    The pack works great for everything I use it for, but I do have one complaint. By carrying the bag on one shoulder most of the time (pulling it in or out of the vehicle, casually carrying it to work or class), I've managed in the first year alone to flatten the padding on the pack's right strap. It is still comfortable, and I still use it, but it has lost any cushioning. The other strap is still fat and squishy.

    I don't ever plan on using this bag full time or for a long walk unless it is an emergency. To repair that strap would be cost prohibitive to say the least.

    That being said, since I never had my hands on a Rush72. I don't know if they make the straps in the same manner, or if they changed the materials since I bought the pack. The Rush 72 wasn't for sale when I bought my pack. Actually, I probably wouldn't have even considered the 24 if it weren't for a promo code 5.11 supplied me for 15% off.

    5.11 is sometimes hard to figure for quality- I love their Taclite pants (very rugged), but their boots (which after looking at their website, they don't list that model anymore) absolutely sucked for longevity. Some of their Molle gear is well built, but I've also had a drop pouch that lost it's retaining snap.
  14. natshare

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    Actually, gunbunny, I believe 5.11 packs have a lifetime warranty. You might get ahold of the company, and see if they'd be willing to entertain repairing or replacing the pack, because of that strap. Worth a try!

    For anyone who's wanting a 5.11 pack, as I pointed out earlier, Dvor.com has the Rush 72 (and 5 other packs) on sale this month. They've sweetened the pot, by offering free shipping this weekend! :cool:

    Here's all the 5.11 bags they're offering up, right now: Featured 5.11 Bags Month-Long
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  15. natshare

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    I know I keep bumping this thread, but it's not my fault! I keep finding out about great deals on these bags!!

    This store is one I've used a few times, without any problems or complaints. And now they have the Rush 72 bags on sale, for the cheapest I have EVER seen them! Three colors for $114, one for $124, both of them plus shipping (<$10). The only way you might get these cheaper is when Dvor has them on sale, but that's only if you count the store credit they give, after purchase.

    In fact, if I hadn't just spent $150 on another bag (coincidentally, from 5.11 Tactical :rolleyes: ), I would be jumping on this like a fat kid on a box of Twinkies! :LOL:

    Search results for: '58602'
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  16. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    I spent some time going through my spare gear last weekend and realized I do have one of the Rush 72's, even though in Feb, I thought I did not have one...... I like the bag a lot and at some point I turned it into a BOB with a basic load-out and stuck it in the B.O. prep area. I have not used it in a while and will have to crack it open and reorganize it to make sure it is current with my plan....
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  17. Pineknot

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    Another condor user, happy with price and the comfort. I have a 5.11 get home bag and do not like some aspect about it. All the storage is on the top and front (back) and make it pull away from your shoulders
  18. AD1

    AD1 Monkey+++

    For those interested, dvor has a 511 sale on backs and bags starting today.
    Rush 72( which I own ) is on sale for $169 with $65 of store credit.

    Or the Tactical Bailout Bag(which I also own) is on sale for $59 with a $20 store credit.

    In a shamless plug if you use this link I get $5 credit if you buy Join Dvor.com Now for Free! but there is no obligation.

    Here are the direct links to the 511 sale page. It last 2 days and 13 hours.
    5.11 Bags and Packs With Dvor Credit!
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  19. chimo

    chimo the few, the proud, the jarhead monkey crowd

    I have this tendency to buy and try backpacks...if I like it I keep it and use it, if not it gets sold at the next gun show. I had a Rush 72 a couple of years ago...till I bought a Condor 3 day assault, which I liked better, which was replaced last year by the latest USMC FILBE system.
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  20. AD1

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    I guess I am a horder when it comes to kit. I probably have 7 or 8 packs, 3 IFAKs, 4 hydration systems, 10 fire starters, and many kinetic energy devices. Just cant see my way to get rid of any of them. They may be of value in the future ........
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