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    Stopped by my local Lowes on the way home today looking for a light for my seedlings (They didn't have any that I was looking for :( )

    But, I found some 5 gal buckets on clearance, so I picked one up, so I would remember the manufacture and look up it's specs online. Well, found the company online, looked at the faq and guess what, the buckets are food grade (made with virgin material).

    I'm going to stop by tomorrow on the way to work and pick up a few more, at $2.50 a bucket, it's not a bad price from what I've found online, and I don't have to pay for shipping :)

    Now, after I get home and look up the information the wife tells me they have some 5 gal buckets at her work that we are going to get, they used to have pickles in them. Any idea on how to get the pickle smell out?
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    Dump a box of baking soda in your bucket, fill completly with water, stir for few minutes to dissolve the baking soda, then let it set for a day. Afterwards, you will pour that bucket of sodie water into another bucket and then let that sit faor a day. You should be able to reuse your sodie water quite a few times before you have to replace with a fresh batch.
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