5 Types of Preparation Categories

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    It is a good idea to prepare for as much as possible, but in the event of TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it), there really isn't a lot beyond what I have listed as the basics which will help.

    Therefore, in order of that which is most LIKELY, I list the following:

    This is the most likely to take place, and requires some basic preparations and common readiness. It could be a job loss, or a personal injury that could set you back. Perhaps a fire in the home or some other emergency may occur. The first thing you should do is have plans set for every possible scenario in this set. This would include proper medical kits in the home and garage, an adequate stockpile of food and water (basics), and more than one storage point for your stored goods (don't keep it all in one basket) to never be without what you need when you need it. Practice fire drills and install excellent smoke detectors and other safety equipment. Train your children at the task and make it a weekly event. Finally, keep a spare list of emergency contact numbers at multiple locations.

    This is always a possibility, and is likely to occur. The basics will cover most of the needs you may have, but special attention may be needed for water and security. Having a method to sanitize and filter water will be crucial, and owning canisters to store water will be just as important. An alternate means of travel and escape may be required, to include a good 4wd vehicle or a boat in the case of flooding.

    (requires the basic preparations listed above) Somewhat likely scenario worth preparing for. In the event of an economic crisis, most of the infrastructure will remain intact. Services just won't be as dependable or as affordable as before. Security, food, water, and a means to store wealth and accumulate essential items is most important. Again, the basics.

    SOCIAL DISORDER / RIOTS (also requires the basic preparations listed above) This is a possible occurrence. In this scenario, security will become a primary concern. Building strong ties with neighbors and planning emergency travel routes are highly important. Again, this will not be permanent, and plenty of infrastructure will remain.

    WROL / ANARCHY (not nearly as likely as the previous scenarios) The importance of having adequate security and communications with an emergency channel of informed neighbors will be most helpful. Again, the basics also apply.

    (worse case scenario) Not nearly as likely as any other scenario to plan for, this is the extinction level event that really cannot be fully prepared for short of having a fallout bunker 2 miles under the earth with 20 years supply of everything needed. The best you can do in this situation is to follow the basics and hope for the best. Naturally, those who prepare best *might* be better off at first, but all bets are off on this one. This is the least likely scenario to take place, and as such, it requires the least of your attention.

    The purpose of this post is to help the beginner to understand the differences between various levels of preparation, and to help them distinguish between likely and less likely happenings. Organize your life's preparations around the most likely to take place, and do not waste too much effort with being sidetracked with the details of misinterpreted ideologies and predictions that offer little to no solution.
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    Don't know how this would add to your list, or if you think it should be separate, but there should be a plan for "Personal Catastrophes". This would be Job loss, Loss of home due to fire, medical or serious injuries.

    I looked at your list all of them seemed to be more on a regional/national level, not a personal.

    Just a thought.
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    Well done!...
    First thing I was thinking of and looking for before I even opened the thread....
    Add my vote to this one...[beer]
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    Will do fellas, thx ;)

    It will have to be renamed "5 types of preparation categories", and I can't do that though.

    As an aside, it doesn't truly fit as I see it since most adults already know how to take care of themselves, or they deserve to be in a home for the mentally retarded...yet, the whole idea about preparing long term does encompass this very situation, so it is relevant. Therefore, it belongs but it is not as misunderstood as the rest.
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    Fixed it for ya [winkthumb]
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    You rock ;)
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