5 vs 4 trailer lights, and adapters...problems and help

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    I looked for a vehicle specific forum and couldn't find one, so if there is one mods please move as appropriate.

    I have a Toyota, which is a 5 light system, where the turn signals are separate form the brake lights. My trailers are all 4 light systems where the brake lights are also the turn signals. I have been using a Hoppy 5 to 4 light converter to make the light work. My third one just quit working. I have searched and all I can find is the Hoppy unit that keeps failing. I am at the point where I am about to add lights and convert the trailers over to somewhat of a 5 light system, where on my 4 light trucks both the yellow and red will flash as turn signals and light as brake lights. Is there a better way? I use these trailers with both 4 and 5 light trucks. I don't really want to have to have 2 sets of plugs on the trailers, but I would if I had to.

    Any suggestions, recommendations, or tips are appreciated.
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    Just build your own converter box...a total of 4 diodes will keep the turn signals from back-feeding the brake lights, and vice versa...
    Do this for each of the towing vehicles with the separate turn/brake lights.
    BTW, faulty grounds tend to cause all sorts of issues, including premature adapter failure...but given that most are made in China....well.... ;)
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    I've seen trailer light systems from China that had wire so thin it would barely carry enough current to light a bulb. The wire was far too thin to splice by any means whatsoever. Pure junk.
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    I would imagine that Toyota makes the correct wiring harness for any trailer plug (4 wire, 5 wire, etc.).

    I know that my Tundra, which has the towing package installed, has a factory 4 wire and 7 wire plug on the bumper.

    What model and year Toyota do you have? As was mentioned above, you could have an intermittent ground short that is causing the converters to fail. Check and double check all wiring on the trailer.
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    That will prevent a problem with the lights on the vehicle. Note, the turn signal on the trailer will not continue to flash on one side if the brakes are also applied. It might be good enough.

    There are a number of 5 wire to 4 wire convert boxes out there beyond just the Hopkins (I assume that is what you are calling the Hoppy). Belknap, Curt, Kuryakyn, Reese, Harbor Freight (misc China junk) come to mind and I suspect there are many others. I have used probably 3-4 different ones which I installed on various vehicles with separate turn signals and brake lights to wire for a 4 wire trailer connection on the vehicle.

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    Check with Toyota, mine came that way.
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