6 Reasons Why You Won't Make It

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    1. Overconfidence - The overconfidence effect is a bias in which someone's subjective confidence in their judgments and abilities is greater that their actual skill set or knowledge.

    Never assume you know everything or even enough. We can always learn and expand our knowledge base. I learn new things and contemplate fresh ideas all the time, the guy or gal thinking they know all there is to know will likely be the first one in the stew-pot.

    2. Procrastination - I covered procrastination in a previous post "How To Stop Procrastinating and Start Prepping". Procrastination, the habit of putting things off to the last possible minute, can get you killed. In a true collapse situation you may not have time to run to the corner grocery to stock up.

    Everyone will try that. The lines will be long, dangerous and best avoided. It's better to get off your butt and get it done now. A lot of people fear stocking up on survival foods[​IMG] and never needing to use what they bought, eventually there stocks go bad and they waste money.

    This is nonsense. You will always need to eat, so the solution is simple eat what you store and replace. First in - first out. Repeat. This way you never spend more money than you normally would. All your doing is buying what you already need in advance.

    3. Inefficient use of resources -This is another big mistake often made by preppers. Wasting money (resources) on things of lesser importance, while neglecting the stuff needed to survive.

    I see this all the time. You know what I'm talking about - the "survivor" who spends $10,000 on weapons and related gear, yet has a two week supply of survival food[​IMG] and no water filter[​IMG].

    This is stupid. I love guns and gear as much as the next guy - but I know eating and drinking are more important to survival. Sure we need weapons to protect what we've put away, just don't neglect the other stuff.

    A Lee-Enfield[​IMG] or Mosin Nagant[​IMG] will stop a raider as sure as the most expensive tactical weapons system. The key is skill and a willingness to squeeze the trigger.

    An expensive armament will not make up for lack of skill or proper mind set[​IMG].

    4. Failure to act - This one ties in with procrastination and indecision and many of us suffer from it. Not only will it interfere with your survival plans it can stop you from planning at all.

    Look at your situation, form a plan (write it down) and do it. No excuses.

    5. Lack of persistence - Most people start their survival preps with the utmost determination and desire to get things done - but they stop when they run into the first obstacle. They lack persistence.

    Most things aren't easy, if you give up before completing your goal, you will never get anything done. Quitters never succeed. Set realistic preparedness goals (write them down) and work through it until completion.

    In case you missed it, the key word is realistic, never set goals that are impossible to reach. Most of us can't afford the retreat in Idaho, $20,000 survival gun collection[​IMG], hummer, concrete bunker and ten year supple of mountain house freeze-dried foods.

    I'm sure many who read such advice give up before they even start. Some survival blogs just don't get it. They can't identify with the common, struggling to make ends meet individual in the trenches. They are blinded by their wealth to the point of being nearly worthless to the needs of common folk.

    Set realistic goals, not pie in the sky dreams. Write it down and work at it until it is a reality.

    6. Divided actions - Many preppers run around like the chicken with its head cut off. Their actions are divided, to the point where they never get anything done.

    A can of spam here, a box of ammo there, maybe work on a bug out bag - but they never meet their goals or get anything done. You know who I'm talking about...

    Take a look at your personal situation and decide what is the most important concideration for your survival. Again make a list. List the most important to the most trivial. Work down the list in descending order until your goals are completed.

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    I agree....
    I have seen "preppers"/"survivalists" with thousands of dollars in weapons, and maybe a 1 person 3 month supply of food.... ( There were 3 in their family!)
    Hi-Tech GPS and radios, all sorts of trinkets, gadgets and gizmos....Very little in real knowledge, maybe a few books, most are on based purely on fictional scenarios .....No organization, no plans, and no idea of what they will do, or when to do it.
    Seeing this, made me more aggressive as to getting things done asap, and getting my own land, and to continue to move forward in that area. On a VERY limited income, and some knowledge and training, you can do a lot....
    I would NOT trade places with those that have 2-4 gunsafes, filled with expensive and unfired/tested firearms. (Beware of the man that owns only 1 gun, odds are he knows how to use it!). I have seen elaborate and unrealistic plans, and discussions of underground bunkers (which you had to "buy" your space in) For only $50k per person, or a couple. Or, you could find yourseleves being "used" as it were, to tend and grow food for those inside the bunker, (the "elite"), while you and yours remained outside, several miles away on a "work farm". Yeah, and it was all drawn out, planned and put into gear, and I 'bailed' as fast as I could. I have seen insanity, and greed at it's finest hour, (so far), and I was astonished at the desperation to stay alive for some, that they would sign away their very souls (if they had them) to get a place on the "list" of perspective "suckers".
    A lot of people are falling "prey" to those that know they are secure or have no concerns for future plans/family. They extort by fear and use of simple paranoia, what they want more than anything else...Money.
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