60 Predictable Ways to Die In an SHTF Event (Or In Its Aftermath)

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    I found this list on Dan Sullivan’s site- Survival Sullivan | Advanced Survival Techniques . I think he has done a great job listing what could kill us.

    I definitely could see this happening to me.- 7. You try to save someone else’s life without stopping and thinking that it’s too much for you and that you’re not gonna make it As humans our instinct is to help. Some of us have issues with making that quick split second decision. Same with the fight or flight instinct; in that split second you have to decide whether to take a step forward or retreat/get help. There is nothing special about anyone one of us that make us immune from death. That is why #16 is important. Get strong mentally and physically.

    This one makes me laugh. All those people dressed in their bad@$$ survival/prepper gear.
    15. Your camo clothing and your “I’m a prepper” sticker bring unwanted attention

    Enjoy the list. I hope it inspires you to re-evaluate your world. Now I have to go find info on combating rabies naturally (#56).

    60 Predictable Ways to Die In an SHTF Event (Or In Its Aftermath) | Survival Sullivan
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    I used to teach in a couple high risk/adventure sports. Most people have trouble when confronted with a problem completely outside their experience set. That is why flight simulators are so critical to aviation safety; to create in a safe environment as many of the problem scenarios as reasonable so when the pilots does happen to be confronted, its not a new experience. But, it still doesn't create the panic and fear of the moment.

    The response isn't "flight or fight." Rather, the response is "flight, fight or freeze" and freeze is the dominate response for most people if they haven't yet put that scenario strongly into their brain's experience files. Unfortunately, even very confident people can find themselves frozen and not moving when confronted with intense severe problems for the first time. I wish I hadn't, but I have seen it happen multiple times on video and in real life, including a couple times that resulted in death. It is frustrating to know that some of the problem scenarios were specifically trained and drilled over and over and with attempts to create stress and surprise, and then to see the person still freeze.... It is something that frustrates most adventure instructors, keeps the good awake at night pondering how to improve and drives some out of their respective professions when they realize they can't train for everything and some students may die or did.

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    Read the list - meh. More like 60 ways to die today....

    #whatever - Someone pumping smoke into your bunker - where does this guy live?
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    I think that was the part of post SHTF. If someone thinks they can shelter or live happily ever after in a bunker, IMO they should have a plan in case their bunker is discovered.My thought is this is a consideration when planning to bug out to an underground bunker and one should make sure that the bunker and air ports are hidden during all seasons.
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    Somehow I will manage to do at least ten of them simultaneously. It won't be fun, but will at least be spectacular....
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    Now about rabies-
    There are cultures that have survived rabid bites. Most likely rabies will be fatal but I did find some info on what to do if bit by a rabid animal.These are not know cures but the biggie is to stimulate your system.
    9 Home Remedies for Rabies

    The below is more information on rabies and the treatment of. In today's society we would go to the doctor and start medical treatment but post SHTF, some of this info could be useful. Rabies is something you cannot practice ahead of time. This is a clip also from an article on rabies. I thought it was quite interesting.
    Unusual Alternative Medicines for Rabies (Hydrophobia)

    Forest fires. If you are literally running for your life, fire fighters have the fire proof blankets and they dig holes and try to shield themselves from the fire. Is it a 100%? no but that is the equipment that is given to the smoke jumpers/fire fighters. So those living in high fire areas should maybe prep those blankets. A few months ago, I did have a private conversation with a monkey on if you are in a forest fire, could you seek shelter in a cave and survive? My thought was, if the cave is deep enough and you can safely seal off the mouth of the cave, I think one maybe able to survive.
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    My focus is and always will be on living and doing the right thing...whether or not I die in the process is God's will. Every day is a good day to die.
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    Yup! All those things can and will happen to many should the SHTF. But not me...... :rolleyes:
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    I can verify the freeze part. last year, a bunch of campers falsely calling themselves ''survivalists'' never left the camp for supply runs, to hunt or even to fish. One night one of the women froze during an animal encounter. Talk about giving the animal an easy kill. Survivalism is about going out of your comfort zone, its not fun and games. Since they didn't come to terms with the fact of the seriousness and needs of survivalism, they either died during the winter or they repeated what the Donner Party did and became mad.
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    God has taken me through a lot of unusual stuff, and I figure that I'll live as long as He want's me here.
    The preps in my charge, are not mine alone, but for those that come behind me.
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    @Motomom34 this rabies cure of using hydrochloric acid is confusing ... did you understand they meant swimming pool acid or the 5% solution people take for increasing their stomach acid?
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