72 Hour Infant Kit

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    Preparedness Mama had a nice list on some items to consider when making an Infant 72 hours kit. Since infants grow fast, you will have to remember to swap out diapers as the child grows.
    Infant 72 Hour Kit | Preparedness Mama

    Please note: many of these things will be items that you yourself can use. The diaper rash creme could be A&D ointment which is a multi-use ointment and should be in peoples kit. Sunscreen, get stuff suitable for the baby but it can be used for the whole family. Wipes are great to have in your pack so why not pack baby wipes and the whole family can use. The baby will not have its own bag, chances are high that the mom will incorporate the baby items into her bag/72 hour kit. As the baby ages make sure to add baby cereal because a hungry crying baby is not something you want in an emergency.
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    Like all critical survival items, a proportion should be doled out to other members of the group in the event that the primary carer becomes a casualty, or the bag with the infant's kit is damaged, lost or stolen.
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    Well, Motomom, you've brought back memories of backpacking with my infant son! It was pretty much fun 40yrs ago but now, as an older guy, the thought makes my skin crawl!! :D Bless all you parents of young children! Hard work there, just living, much less surviving!
    Remember, this one tip, if you need to transport very young kids on foot spend the money on the gear! A cheap baby pack will kill you! :)
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    @Sgt Nambu your post reminded me of one thing. If one is preparing a bug out kit for an infant, a bug net is advised if you are in and area that has mosquitoes. Babies smell good and a bitten baby will be real unhappy and loud.
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    Fortunately my "Kids" are grown now! We have always had Big dogs, and with that also had a pretty good doggy back pack for long day trips, or camping. Doggy carried it's own food + could carry supplies for the boys! Back then, there were Zero options for Dog packs, so I made my own. Now I have the Big ass Neufy, and no one makes a pack that big, so, Out came the heavy duty JAP sewing machine and we made a really nice pack for him! We also made a drafting cart that attaches to his yoke and he can pull unbelievable amounts of weight! Dog's can be a real asset if you think outside the box! I wish they had had those off road three wheeled strollers back when my boys were at that age, sure would have been able to hike more!
  6. Sgt Nambu

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    Yep, the wife made dog packs for our dogs too! I can see the big wheeled prams for gentle trails near town, but we liked to bushwack so we used backpack carriers! A baby's gear doesn't really add that much weight except for it's own little body! We would find mountain lakes, 3-5mi from the trailhead, and camp for the weekend! Our son loved it!
    I'm still trying to wrap my head around how difficult baby bugouts would be! o_O
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