72 Hour Kit for $20 bucks! Recommended by FEMA...

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    I added a handfull of plastic spoons, a book of matches and a can opener from spare items in the house. All the food and Aspirin have expiration dates in late 2008. The spare batteries expire in 2011. While my backpacks are more elaborate, to include more water, food, tents and communications and weapons, I wanted to see how inexpensive a 72 hour kit could be. Let's get some input on building a survival kit, here. I'm giving this one to the receptionist at my work. Ric

    I shopped at 2 stores. If I shopped a few more Dollar stores, I'm sure there would have been a larger backpack. The "Kid Size" held more than I expected:

    Here's the items laid out. Small Kid's Backpack, Fleece 50"X60" Throw, 12 16.9 ounce bottles of water, Hand Sanitizer, Aspirin, First Aid Kit, Radio/Flashlight, Toothbrush/Toothpaste, Lip Balm Sticks, Alkaline Batteries, 6 cans of various Soup, 3 cans of Spicy Tuna & 2 cans of Peanuts:

    I tested the Flashlight Radio & then removed the batteries so they would not leak. Reception is very good on stations up to 30 miles:

    First Aid Kit Contents:

    The small Child's Backpack holds most of the items. I'll quadruple plastic bag the rest:

    Prepare a Three Day Survival Kit

    When a disaster strikes, your community, emergency services and government agencies may not be able to respond to your needs immediately. Their buildings, equipment, personnel, communications, and mobility may be severely hampered by the event. You should be prepared to be on your own for a minimum of three days after a disaster. One of the most important elements of this preparedness is the 72-hour kit.

    The contents of this kit will vary, but in every case it should contain the things you need to survive for three days on your own.

    Your kit should contain at least the following items: ·

    Four quarts of water per person per day.
    This means at least twelve quarts of water per person for 72 hours.
    Sufficient nonperishable food for three days.
    Ideally, these foods will be lightweight and high in energy. If you pack canned foods, remember a can opener!
    Prescription and nonprescription medications.
    Include a spare set of glasses, if you need them.
    Battery powered portable radio.
    This may be your only source of information during a disaster.
    First aid kit.
    The small camping kits work well. Remember to get enough supplies for the number of people who may be using them.
    Personal hygiene items.
    Clothing and bedding.
    A spare pair of socks and a space saver blanket would be a minimum.
    Special items.
    Such as baby or pet needs, contact lens supplies, etc.
    Personal comfort items.
    Books, games, personal electronics, etc.
    Remember, this is only a bare bones kit. You can add things to this list that you or your family will need.

    Maintain and exercise your plan and 72-hour kit
    Keep your plans and kit current and up to date, you should go over it with each family member at least once every six months. One way to do this is to make a night of it. Pick one night to go over the plan, practice escape routes and contact procedures, call your out of area contact (they'd probably like to hear from you), change the batteries in your Smoke Alarm, and cycle the food and water in your 72 hour kit. This is a fun way to ensure that your family is prepared to react in the event of a disaster.
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    That's cool !... Thanks for sharing and for the pics....!
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    My Personal Mission was to keep it under $20 bucks...

    and it was a success. FEMA recommends a 72 hour kit, because from past experience emergency services may not be available for a few days. I was surprized how good the reception was on that little $1 buck Radio/Flashlight. 2 cans of soup and 1 can of Tuna per day, along with 4 bottles of water should keep even a large guy like me going strong. I'm a big fan of airguns for small game survival. This Baikal IZH-46M pistol shoots a .177 7.5 grain pellet at almost 500 feet per second on a single pump as you can see from my Chrony reading and is great on rabbits up to 20 yards. Ric


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    Nice... you can forget my inquiry on the welcome forum.... you just answered my question....

    Yup... airguns are fun.... and quiet... although some of the more high powered ones make as much noise as a .22.... was thinking of a getting one of Beeman's high powered rifles until I found out how much noise they make...

    I think airguns are one of the perfect items for survival.... low noise... can take small game.... easy to carry ammo... and pistons last forever with just minor maintenance....

    My P1 has been with me for the last 22 years... a few drops of oil for the seals and a couple of felt pellets to clean it out every once and a while and she is still going strong....

    Welcome to Survival Monkey... its a great place...
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    That's interesting Ric. I don't know much about airguns but I think I'd be a little afraid of facing a wild boar armed only with an airgun. Maybe I need to get one and see what those devils can do.
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    The Europeans are light years ahead of the US... IMHO....
    I used to pick up the magazines... you'd be amazed the first time you pick one up.... everything from repeaters, pneumatics and silencers....
    Guess firearm ownership is a bit more restrictive there so air has been tricked out to a fine art....

    Although... I believe airguns in Europe have a long history going way back.... to the best of my aging recollection.... its tough being old:D
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    Thanks for the link on the P1.... mine is a .177... used to have fun shooting aspirin tablets offhand with it when I got tired of targets.... I love this guy.... all dropped my share of rats and mice.... and scared a few cats and dogs with the cleaning pellets..... was also thinking of getting a new one and sending this off to Beeman to be serviced and add the Laser tune up... we'll see... good to see a fellow air enthusiast....
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    We had a company contact us at Sadlak Industries asking if we would mfg parts for Airsoft. I did a little research and found what a big industry it is in Europe and Asia. I was amazed.
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    Airsoft is huge....

    That reminds me.... I was thinking of getting a few "non air" things from Sadlak:D
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    We've got plenty in stock. I'm running a special over on the M14 Firing Line Forum right now - buy 3 pistons (any combination of TiN coated, polished, grooved, etc) shipped to the same address in 1 shipment and receive a FREE steel gas cylinder wrench - a $27 value. I can extend the sale to anyone here who might be interested,
    Sale goes through the end of Sept. Just shoot me a PM or email me at sales@sadlak.com
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    Great post Ric. Thanks for the pics. I like the BO bag. Nice and light. I made one similiar to it about a year ago. I really like the airguns also. I would love to find a reasonably priced full auto air gun with high capacity. I know it would be a blast. I also need to pick up one for the elimination of some pesky crows that have been showing up.
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    There are 2 high capacity airguns

    First, is the Crosman Nightstalker semi-auto 12 shot .177 pellet gun.




    The most powerfull semi-automatic airgun available is the FX Revolution. It is a PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) and requires a special pump or a scuba tank to refill. It shoots heavier .22 caliber pellets and about 60 shots of 12 round magazines on a fill. This is a SERIOUS hunting rifle.

    http://www.airgunsofarizona.com/FX Revolution.html

    http://www.airgunsofarizona.com/FX Specials.html

    The only quality fully automatic I've seen is the Drozd BB Machine Gun, but it eats up CO2 Cartridges.



    As for hunting Crows, there are some good recipes here. The breasts of the Crow are the only edible part of the scavenger. Ric

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    Impressive, taking a bison down with an air rifle. I'm convinced that I should get an air rifle, no registration needed for a silenced rifle :D
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    Jim Chapman uses airguns on African Safaris...

    These ARE NOT your Daddy's Airguns! Ric


    The AMERICAN AIRGUN HUNTER[​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Jim Chapman's Hunting Log[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]More information on the guns and projectiles will follow.
    Home from our South African Airgun Safari:

    Eric, Randy, and I had a great trip to the Eastern Cape hunting large game with our Quackenbush LA .457 African Express Airrifles, and a host of medium and small game with the Dragonslayer, Evanix AR6, Prairie Falcon, and other DAQs in .308 and .22.

    Professional Hunters Rob Dell and Andrew Myers have really learned how to cater to the airgun hunter and what they called one of the most challanging hunting experiences for plains game out there.
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]As more pictures arrive and we have time to settle in, this article will be expanded.[​IMG]Prairie Falcon:
    One of the guns for the African Airgunning Safari in July!

    Picked out my guns for our upcoming trip to South Africa;

    Quackenbush .457
    Career Dragonslayer .50
    Evanix AR 6 .22
    Prairie Falcon .22

    Review will be available on all of these guns in the coming weeks!

    Initial Review of the Prairie falcon


    Evanix AR6: The second and final small game rifle selected for the trip!![​IMG]
    [​IMG]I've had a chance to shoot this gun off the bench and get in some small game hunting, and have been impressed with the performance and value offered by this new offering out of Korea.

    Initial Review of Pyramyd Airgunmalls new Evanix AR6
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]New - The African Airgun Safari is the journal of my hunts on the Eastern Cape of South Africa. We hunted large and small game with large bore Quackenbush air rifles, and this book covers every aspect of the journey, the gear, and the hunts [​IMG][​IMG] The American Airgun Hunter and the Airgunners Guide to Squirrel Hunting have both sold out and no new printing is scheduled at the current time (there are a few copies available through Airgun Shops). The "Complete Airgun Hunter" will be available towards the end of this year. I'd like to thank the hundreds of airgunners and hunters that have purchased these books!

    The Crossman 2240 Page
    This page has information on modifications, and reports of hunting trips using this versatile air pistol.
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Disclosure: In the course of my shooting and hunting activities, I receive loan guns from manufacturers and distributors to evaluate. I have no formal agreements with any of these companies or individuals and I receive no compensation. There is no pre-existing agreement that I will write about a gun, but my policy is that if I don't like a gun I won't write about it but will give constructive feedback. In this way I continue to have the opportunity to try new guns, to make a positive impact on this sport, and gain more experience with varied technologies. I will sometimes buy a gun if I want to add it to my collection; I will typically pay full price, sometimes I will receive a discount. This is never attached with a review, however any reader of my reviews and stories is hereby informed. But more to the point, and as I state on my review page, these reviews and result are my opinions and my experience,. It is important that you make up your own mind, think about how you want to use a gun, what type of gun you like, what you want to pay for it, etc ...... make an informed decision and enjoy the sport! The velocity measurements and posted group sizes presented are quantitative, every thing else is subjective and you might reach a different conclusion.
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