A DIY disaster kit. A twelve part series to make your own kit.

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by DKR, Feb 27, 2017.

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    You can upload to the resources yourself if you're making it into a .pdf, but if the information contains copyrighted material, just follow the laws for quoting or using footnotes. When Do You Need to Secure Permissions? | Jane Friedman or if it's something that can fall under fair use, then you can cite that when paraphrasing. The 'Fair Use' Rule: When Use of Copyrighted Material Is Acceptable Otherwise, I'm not certain you can upload copyrighted material here, but feel free to ask an Admin.
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  2. DKR

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    It is original content, I am the author. Any other material is either linked, fully attributed or from the FedGov and by law, is not considered to have a copyright.

    l'll work up the pfd and make the ToC active, so folks can click to read.
    Thank you.
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    You can upload copyrighted material without restraint as long as YOU hold the copyright. If you wish to restrict use, including reproduction for distribution you need to say so; that is, make sure that the rights you are granting are clearly stated along with any limitations you want to impose. Sales, in particular, should be addressed. Admittedly, I have not read the thread, I was waiting for it to be published, then to buy a copy.

    Bear in mind that if the work contains other's copyrighted material, things will get complicated in one damn hurry. BYKT.
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    Yes, linking to an externally hosted site in the thread will work, I sometimes use Mediafire.

    Yes. We don't need any troubles when it comes to copyright.
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    The DIY Disaster kit pdf Ver 1.0 upload. Has many more photos in the Capstone section. TOC is active.
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    Excellent resource @DKR so glad to have it in pdf, I just downloaded it.
  7. DKR

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    As I get more time, I'll tweak the photo part at the end and true up the images
    When converting to a pdf, some images tend to wander.....a bit : )

    The ToC works, which is the important part. Thank you for the kind words.
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    Very solid/complete list. Added tweezers to my kit. Should have done so when I pulled a tick off my neck last week, but this is a good reminder.
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    Having read this thread several times, I continue to get more useful information from it. Thanks again, @DKR .
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