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    I am sure lots o' monkeys here have frequented a few of these and some I am sure aren't listed. I found this and figured I would share for the other NOOBs like myself! If you know of other websites; please add them!!(y)(y)

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    We aren't on the list, which means someone is doing it right...
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    Huh ?
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    Means we are flying relatively under the radar, not considered a top or secondary tier preparedness site. That means we will attract fewer people - the sweet spot with enough people to make a variety of contributions but not so many it becomes unruly.
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    It also depends on what poll of top sites you are looking at. ;)
    Several of these list, are the same, just posted on different sites.
    Here is one that list SMF
    The Top 50 Survival Blogs!

    Note- this the difference between survival and prepper site list.

    For Readers
    These are the top 50 blogs in the survival niche. By keeping their blogs up to date with news, ideas, and fresh and valuable content they provide you with the very best survival information. Share this list with everyone you know who is interested in learning survival.

    For Advertisers
    The top 50 survival bloggers are some of the most influential in the survival niche. Getting your name and product in front of these survival bloggers and their audiences can bring increased awareness of your company and bring additional sales. If these guys don’t know who you are then you need to let them know!

    For Bloggers
    These are your friends. These are people as dedicated to learning and sharing information about survival as you are. The SurvivalTop50 lets you quickly see how your blog ranks compared to your peers. Oh yeah, and we hope the SurvivalTop50 sends you tons of traffic!

    How are the survival blogs ranked?
    The entire ranking is objective and for fun. The real goal of SurvivalTop50 is to bring exposure to great survival bloggers. Google has dropped public access to page rank so now Alexa and Readers Choice will be used to rank a site. Each site can get up to 100 points. The better your blog does in the eyes of Alexa and your readers, the better you will rank here.
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    #18.... we wuz robbed
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