a good primer on packing food

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    Excellent post! Thanks! Just read the information quickly but will return to it later....too much to absorb in one read. This is very useful stuff, folks, at least IMHO. A good refresher course for the experienced Prepper and a terrific source for the Newbies!
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    Thankyou for sharing link to the source website....they are not just good links....they are links to excellent web content, with much useful information on a wide variety of prepping subjects.

    One subject I liked in particular is helping life partners to get on board with ....(her husband's seminars on the developing crisis in financial, economic and environmental systems sustainability).... but the methodology is relevant to broaching prepping as a "we need to talk about this" type subject, and coaching your partner along the prepping journey.

    Dealing With a Reluctant Partner - Blogs at Chris Martenson

    Substitute prepping for "crash course" and you have a simple step by step methodology, if executed subtlely ought to be a workable way of dealing with the subject, thoughtfully and carefully.
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