A house you can fold in your pocket

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by falmike, Feb 7, 2012.

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    No thanks

    Thanks for posting, everybody seems to be looking at temp shelters there days.

    Basically a big space blanket cube with no ventilation. No, thank you.


    Most 'homeless' live in fetid squalor, how is a plastic bag going to help?

    Better to use a cardboard box.

    Or an EDAR

    This site
    Has a large number of small and portable shelters many here might find of interest for a emergency shelter for something more than overnight.

    I recently spent most of the night in a cardboard shelter in below zero weather. With just my clothes and a surplus wool blanket - it was comfy.

    But that was a temporary shelter for one night. For more than one day, I'd sure as heck want something better.
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    can't say i like the house but the mail order brides were interesting...
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    I think the shelter in a pocket would make a great target for a laser designator.

    I could just see someone trying to inflate that in an emergency situation while hiking, and then watching the wind catch it and carry it aloft, over the cliff and out to sea.

    I liked the Norwegian sod house in the Irregular Shelter link. Better suited for stealth.
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    If it was "Me" and I needed a shelter, fast... I would build any shelter out of local materials as best I could, AND THEN put the Pocket Shelter, inside, and use it for the Bedroom and for when it was very cold. Best of both worlds....

    Technology at it's smartest...... .... YMMV.....
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    Gee BT what no Igloo?
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    If snow is all you have then go for it... But here we have trees, and lots of wood, dirt, and other things, besides snow and Ice.....
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