A log cabin, a loving partner, and 5 years of elbow grease

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    Very similar as how I live , but not as rough as they started out , I'm a sissy , so heat & a hot shower every AM @ it's still dark , I'm good.
    When I first came in and made huge noise with gen sets / machines / air nailers / hoe-packs / woodmizers , it was noisy for 2 years.. building house / Garage / Garden shed /wood shed/ greenhouse (subbed out) Barn & huge shop with a custom dog houses for the dogs , all have a porch & windows . As soon as the septic & wells were in , the pit crapers were burnt & filled in.
    I did hire a few hands & used machines to lift in the trusses etc.
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    @chelloveck thanks for sharing these. Loved them both. The second one answered some of the questions I had when I watched the first. I like the suggestion of hanging a shower curtain during the cold. It makes sense. When the temp drops here I hang blankets over the french doors but it makes the room dark. I think I will try a clear shower curtain. The shower curtain is much heavier then that plastic film they sell.
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