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    Figure I need to teach my early teen daughter about bees (just the bees!! mom can deal with the birds!) Trying to introduce her to a number of experiences. Had her remove the trap and unclog the bathroom sink last week. So, pulled the trigger on getting a couple hives and getting back into bees. Ordered two packages with queens. Should have them mid April. I used to have bees, oh golly, like 30-40 years ago. Got up to 18 hives then moved, lived in a city, etc. My mother kept them going for several more years but she had trouble with the lifting and sold everything (rats). Some things have changed but doesn't seem to be too much. Should be fun, her first sting is going to be interesting. Trying to convince her to get her ham tech license for a 4-H project this year. She built an AM-FM radio last year which went to state. What other things have folks taught their daughters in their early teens?

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    My daughter turned 6 last month... So I can't contribute answers to the question you've asked, but I will be watching this thread for ideas for the future! [winkthumb]
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    I taught both our daughters to shoot, and safely handle, not just FireArms, but weapons of all kinds. Their training started when they were 3 or 4 years old, and continued thru, until they left the residence. At 12 years Old each of our children was given the Gun Catalog, and told they could pick out any 22LR Rifle for their birthday. Each was then enrolled in the State Hunter Safety Course, and the local NRA Rifle Competition Course. Once both were completed, they were allowed to keep their own ammunition. At 21 years of age, all my children were given the opportunity to select the HandGun of their choice. We have ALWAYS had firearms in our residence, and ALL firearms are considered to be LOADED, whether they actually are, or not. This has been a Family Rule since we established our Marriage. We spent weekends in the woods, hiking, shooting, camping, fishing, and living since before any children came along. Momma came from a Camping Family, as did I, and we continued that tradition. We moved to Alaska in the summers, when they were young children, and full time when they were teenagers. They spent their teen years playing and learning the wilderness living SkillSets. Experience is the best teacher, after parents. ..... YMMV....
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    Teaching my California grown 7 year old granddaughters to shoot and safe firearms handling. Starting with the daisy. They need to learn to fish and that Grandpa can handle, too!! They will both get advanced to the pellet rifle, then the .22 as they learn about guns. A trip to the range this year so they can get hardened to the noise. Gardening will also get taught with the old grumps!! I hope they will be self sufficient as they grow up!
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    Since shooting has been covered,

    My daughter is coming upon driving age in a couple years, so it is about time to get her started.

    At the very least, she will be learning basic mechanic skills but I would rather she know more than just basic skills. I don't want her to be the typical girl that only knows how to turn the key, put gas in it and drive.

    Besides learning how to drive on the street in adverse conditions, she will learn how to drive confidently in off road conditions in four wheel drive and two drive vehicles.
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    Bees are fun, She'll enjoy holding a drone in her cupped hands. I just installed two new hives this week.
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    We teach our 14 year old daughter basically everything. She started butchering when she was 6, now she butchers most of the meat we eat. A few weeks ago I needed to change the cap and rotor on our truck so she helped.
  8. Airtime

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    Some good comments. Thanks. We butchered 8 hogs 2 months ago. Pulled her out of school that day. She watched and helped with much of it. Couldn't get her to shoot the hog but she help gut, was elbow deep mixing the blood pudding, scooped the brains out with her fingers, dissected an eye ball and learned a good bit of anatomy. Wasn't grossed out one bit. Working on shooting. I've taught basics of long gun skills and safety with the pellet gun I bought her 2 Christmases ago and starting last year with a 10/22. Plan to hire a friend of a friend who teaches a scaled down Gunsite type course with specialization for females for our family and the family of some friends. Working on electronics. She is going to help with the house addition this summer. Last fall the flush handle on the toilet broke. I came home with a new one, handed her a crescent wrench, the package (with instructions on the back) and said "Go fix it, let me know when you're done" and left her. She did it correctly no questions asked in about 15 minutes. I was proud. She's driving the Polaris Ranger now. Will do more with the truck on our farm lanes this summer. Don't have my new shop quite up to speed yet but she'll get some training with the metal lathe, vertical mills, drill press, grinders, torches, MIG, spot and TIG welders in a couple years. Mom has taught her sewing but I need to teach alterations and flat pattern making. She is starting to make supper. Golly there is so so much to teach her!! I'm never going to get it done before she flys the coop for college and she is adamant on med school so may be limited in opportunity thereafter.

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    Childless for .6 of a century so far. Great to see schoolin in the real basics plus. My kids (6) {plus many who were not gifted enough to make the Masters } were apprentices who have succeeded to be my boss now & we still teach each other. I'm glad to see us Adults wanting to train / teach what I'm so lucky of what I learn't from grey hairs in the 60's .. I do a boys/girls (broken family's & troubled kids) club speak & help a few times a year.(many of retired tools are left there) . Thanks Dads & Mom's !!

    Both Sloths
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    My daughter is young, so age 7, so this is interesting to me. She helps me in the garden. I give the berries (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries) to take care of - water, pick and such. She also helps with the dogs and the chickens. I take her fishing me, and she can shoot a bow. And she's a Girl Scout. I was in the scouts. I was shooting at 7, first gun was a .22 bolt action for my 10th birthday and I've been hunting since I was 12. I think exposing children to these things is good, and necessary, but I also think for children normalcy is critical. If the SHTF tomorrow, I would want my daughter to really just accept that things are changing but we're going on a camping trip and everything will be just fine; in the future, she'll know more, she'll be able to do more, and she'll understand the seriousness. If we never have to bug out, she'll grow up and tell her children their grandpa was an incredibly resourceful and knowledgeable man as opposed to a "nutjob that made me eat worms."
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    Well we got 2 hives set up and installed two packages of bees this weekend. My daughter was quite intrigued with everything. She loved painting sugar water on the screens of the packages and watching the tiny tongues of the bees lap it all up. All went well and no stings yet. Taught her how to deal with a sting and she is fearing it a bit but I know she'll handle the discomfort ok. Interesting thing was I recalled rather clearly installing the bees in my first two hives over 40 years ago when I was about her age. Hope she preserves the same memory.

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    Bees are making comb. Had my daughter pull the corks on the queen cages several days ago so the workers can eat the sugar away and release the queen. She is digging this. She pestered me yesterday if we need to check them again. Told her we leave them alone for atleast another week but she should check their entrance feeders. She ran right out to check.

    While sitting in the mall last evening waiting while she and mom were shopping, I loaded an app on her phone to start studying for her Ham Tech exam. She didn't object to the app or even me touching her phone! Strike while the iron's hot. Need to finish wiring the shop so I can teach her how to use more toys (recently got from CL the plasma cutter I've been eyeing for two years.)

    Hmmm... Just noticed the thread title changed... Beeginning to Beginning. Thats cool, it wasn't that good of a pun to beegin with.

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