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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Hispeedal2, Aug 11, 2010.

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    Or not so new.... newly found maybe??

    Well, we have been stocking up the food store since my redeployment. Since we came back to AZ, we have been hitting the flea market and farmer's market fairly often to stock both tools and food stuffs. The garden is planted and doing.... well, it's ok I guess. It seems like it's always to slow when you are watching it grow.

    While contemplating which starches to store, we came across an article in the local newspaper on using mesquite pods for flour. It was common for natives and early settlers to commonly use mesquite pods. The best ones to use are the velvet mesquite. They are plentiful and don't have toxic effects that the honey mesquite may have. We spent an afternoon walking on a nearby trail and grabbing "ripe" pods. We came away with a gallon or so in no time. If collected over time, one could easily fill a pantry with usable mesquite flour. This would be an inexpensive way to fill your food stock.

    Now, where to find a grain mill locally.....

    A detailed look at the native use of plants will help greatly with your preparations. What is considered a common plant here and usually overlooked could feed our family easily. There may be something in your area that is similar.
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    Did you get manual grain mill...I'm looking for that now...I already bought meat grinder... :)
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    Not yet. I think I am going to end up Ebaying one.
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    Thank you for a well considered blog entry. Knowing what native plants, and what plants that are considered weeds that grow in the area could literally be a life saver if forced to survive without conventional food supplies.

    What follows are more thoughts on the matter for the general readership...you, al2 are already a practitioner.

    It is best to acquire the knowledge of how to identify wild food plants accurately, know which plants are beneficial and which are harmful, know how to prepare and cook the plants found and identified...BEFORE SHTF than when S is Hitting TF.

    Introduce yourself, and your family to preparing, cooking and eating these plants before SHTF, as familiarity will enable survivors to accept these unconventional foodstuffs more readily, and with more confidence than if it is suddenly sprung upon them under the duress of having to deal with the overwhelming stress of surviving an unfolding disaster.

    Make your own evaluations as to the relevance and usefulness of cited sources...YMMV:

    Nutrition, starvation and poisoning

    Hunger In* America

    Contribution of Wild and Semi-Wild Food Plants to Overall Household Diet in Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom, Uganda


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